Happy Birthday Ramiro!!

Yankees Utility Man Celebrates his Birthday in Scranton

Tomorrow, July 18th is Ramiro Pena’s 24th birthday. I feel bad that he is celebrating it in Scranton. I’m sure that parties are better in NYC!

Ramiro played very well in his short 46 games as a Yankee, batting .267 with 23 hits, many which came in clutch situations. He also played very well defensively at third and short. I was very disappointed when he was sent down. Girardi said he needs to learn to play the outfield and that he will be back soon. I hope he does come back and they don’t be stupid and trade him. Ramiro said that he idolized Jeter, and he may be the Jeter of the future if the Yankeed be smart and keep him.

Sometimes I don’t understand the moves the Yankees make. I know they moved Pena to make room for Hinske, but why is Ransom the utility man? No offense, but he cannot catch the ball and is not to swift with the bat. I think that New York is too much pressure for Cody Ransom and I think he should be traded. Ramiro Pena should be the super utility man for the Yankees. I think this is what they are going to do since he is learning to play the outfield.

Well, hopefully Ramiro Pena is in the Bronx in Sepember, and next July, he can have a special New York City birthday party!


Isn’t Ramiro adorable? I sure think so!


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