Sloppy Ball and 3 Hours I Won’t Get Back

Yankees Lose to Rays Due to a Sloppy-Played Game

You know, I wait all day to watch the Yankee game, and when it comes on I sit in the same spot for 3 hours taking notes on everything that happens. When the Yankees play a game as bad as the played last night, I feel that I was cheated. I invested 3 hours of my life, and this is what I get? A sloppy, poorly played game that results in a loss. When the Yanks lost to the A’s the other day, I didn’t feel this way. At least they played well and tried to make a comeback. But they just were beaten. Last night, they beat themselves. I’m not taking anything away from the Rays, but the Yankees handed them that game. It’s disgusting. The final score was 6-2.

Pitching Analysis: CC Sabathia took the hill last night, and he really struggled. He allowed a run in the second on a sac fly by Navarro, giving them a lead that was never relinquished. In the 3rd, Arod threw a ball crazy which allowed to a run. By the end of the 3rd the Rays had a 3-0 lead. In the 5th, after a 1-2-3 4th I thought CC was settling down, but then Evan Longoria hit a solo homer. In the 6th, Kapler lead off with a double. Then Bartlett hit a liner to Tex, who knocked it down, but no one was covering at first! Bartlett was safe, and Kapler scored. Then Bartlett scored on a ball that Swisher let play him in the outfield. That was all for CC.

In three starts against the Rays and Red Sox, CC Sabathia is 0-2 with a 6.10 ERA.

CC had nothing to feel good about yesterday.

When Girardi puts Melancon in, you know he is giving up the game. But he actually pitched well, throwing 2 & 1/3 innings of shutout ball. That was the only bright thing about last night.

Defensive Analysis: This was by far the worst defensively played game I have seen the Yankees play all year. Jeter and Arod made throwing errors. Arod was probably distracted by Kate Hudson. Focus! In the 5th, a ball was hit to right that was tailing toward the line. Swisher was tracking it down, and decided to be a hot dog. He slid when it was apparent that he did not have to, and the ball came out of his glove. It was a fair ball, and it led to a runner on third base. Then in the 6th, he screwed up again. A ball bounced in front of him for a blooper, and as the ball was rolling, Swisher let it get past him! He had to chase a ball that he should’ve picked up! That scored on that.

The defense was horrendous. When the pitcher is laboring, most likely the defense will lose focus and mess up. Pitching and defense go hand-in-hand, and the Yankees had neither last night.

Focus, Arod. FOCUS!

Offensive Analysis: It was utterly disgusting. When Jeter leadoff the game, he battled into a 3-2 count, and then looked at a pitch right down the middle for strike 3. I had a feeling after that at-bat how this game would be for the Yanks: Ugly. Against a struggling Kazmir, the Yankees only managed 1 run on 5 hits. Hideki Matsui had both RBI’s last night. The offense was dead last night. They just went up there, made out, and had no drive to win. I wish Francisco Cervelli could’ve played in that game. He always provided a spark for the team when they needed one.

Joe Girardi should have done something to spark the team. He should’ve made a huge fuss with an umpire and gotten himself thrown out of the game. No knock on Melancon, but putting him in showed that he was giving up the game. With the Yankees incredible offense, they are never out of the game. But with no spark yesterday, they were.

It was a very disappointing, sloppy game. I wish I could take those 3 hours back. The Yankees owe us all a better game today. At least the Red Sox lost, so the standings for them did not change. But the Yankees can’t depend on them losing; they have to win. I hope the Yanks bounce back with like 5 runs in the first and a solid pitching performance. And better defense! COME ON GUYS! GO OUT THERE AND WIN! WE CAN DO IT! HURRRAAAAHHH!!!



  1. Jane Heller

    Funny that you take notes during the games too! Yes, it was a sloppy game but they’ve been so good defensively that we just have to chalk it up to a bad night. A-Rod may have been thinking about Kate on that throwing error, but he did have two hits, which is more than the others did at the plate. Here’s to a great game tonight with Joba on the mound!

  2. crzblue2

    Dodger fan here. i have a friend that also takes notes at the game. Me, I keep score and what I write is during the first 3 innings when Vin Scully is on the air, then I write one of his “visculilisms”. We had a very tough loss last night but we’ll rebounse today. Is just one game and there is always tomorrow!

  3. thekfny28

    To Virginia,
    I’m almost jealous of you and all the comments you get regularly, although I really appreciate that you comment twice consecutively on my blog, lol…

    Arkansas Assassin is cool, but… it’s not… perfect… I prefer just, Assassin. Cool?

    Let’s settle with calling Joba Chamberlain JC for now.

    -EJ the Kid From New York

  4. crazy19canuck

    I take notes during games too…when I’m not busy cheering due to a Longoria home run! đŸ˜‰
    Let’s see if ARod can focus, and my daughter emailed me and asked if Jeter could get a homerun. I told her no, but she didn’t like the answer. Go figure.
    I hope the guys do well tonight – and the A’s took it to the Red Sox last night, I guess that help both of our teams out!

  5. jcole1994

    Of course I feel that way, whenever they lose I want to kill Girardi. But, the Red Sox lost so theres no harm. Sometimes we have to realize that you can’t win them all. You just have to go out there tonight and win the series. Just keep winning series.
    – NYColeman

  6. matttan7

    Oh, no, the Yankees were sloppy that game, oh well it happens to everyone. I think CC Sabathia needs to pitch better period. He’s not fooling anyone, especially Evan Longoria, I am sure the Yankees can bounce back tonight against the Rays, with Joba Chamberlain at the hill.

    Matthew T.

  7. thekfny28

    Matt, CC Sabathia has been pitching very well save for a few starts here and there. I’d suggest checking stats before saying somebody’s “not fooling anyone”.

    And Virginia, I’m already the master nickname person? Well now, I’m flattered. Do I get a funky hat? I like hats…

    -EJ the– yeah yeah, you get it. See post above.

  8. raysfanboy

    You want your three hours back? How about the 6 hours I had to see in games 1 and 3 of this series where my guys stunk more than….fill in the blank. Tough series for us. I want to say that it was a fun gritty grind-it-out series, but it wasn’t. On either side. It was kind of a clunker.

  9. heartruss

    I never consider any of the games a waste of time. I at least get to see my Dodgers play. I know what you mean however since my guys have lost 4 games in a row and may be swept by the Cardinals. I figure that it’s better to lose now than later in the season when it means much more.

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