The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA.

That’s Why They Call Him Big Papi

I’m the happiest girl in the whole USA. Why? Because the 25 men I love are in first place, with a cozy 3.5 lead over the Red Sox. And a fellow blogger told me great news. David Ortiz is on the list of steroid using scum! It just can’t get any better than this. The Red Sox fans always made fun of Arod, and now they can’t! I always knew he did, but now so does the rest of the world. This is the greatest day. Now the Red Sox are definetely going to collapse. This is going to be fun to watch.

ShrekOrtizMannydonkey.jpg buck foston image by CCase26

Oh, and Manny was on the list, too but we already knew that. We don’t really care about Manny anymore, and I’m sure Manny doesn’t care either. The Red Sox are falling apart. I love it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This truly is a great day. I am so happy. GO YANKEES!!!



  1. thekfny28

    Why are you so ecstatic about this? I don’t understand why you’re happy he took steroids. I mean, I get the whole “Boston can’t make fun of us” point, I like that they can’t, but in case you hadn’t noticed, A-Rod, Pettitte, Clemens, Giambi… we have a history of steroids. You can’t make fun of a team for doing something you did. It’s not cool. And besides, I’m not happy that Ortiz and Ramirez took steroids, partially because they’re Dominican and partially because, well, I just want this stuff to end. I want to stop hearing about this stuff. Maybe I’m just different…

    -EJ the Kid From New York

  2. luckylori

    Virginia…with the whole RS/Yankees rivalry I can understand you feeling some satisfaction, but I don’t feel anything but sadness, not only for the game I love so dearly but mostly for all fans of baseball. We believed.

  3. Jane Heller

    I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with the others. I’m the happiest girl in the world that the Yanks are in first place, but I can’t gloat about Oritz. There are others on the list and they could be additional Yankees. I wish they’d release all the names, so we could move on and focus on baseball.

  4. ryan_lee

    ^ I think that she’s aware that our players have had a history of doing it as well. I think it’s just that, like me, she takes somewhat of a perverse pleasure in seeing Red Sox fans squirm after they gave us **** about the very same thing for years, especially after this year’s whole A-Rod debacle. I always felt that one of the guys denying the accusations the loudest (*cough* Ortiz *cough*) had something to hide.


    I’m currently losing faith in baseball every day. Why don’t they just release the whole list and spare the fans the tiresome reports of their favorite players being thrown into the fire every few months. Bottom line, if the players actually cared for the fans they wouldn’t have taken steroids in the first place. The selfish players have ruined the game of baseball for me.

  6. jcole1994

    I dont see the Yankees getting anyone. They are playing so well that I dont think they need it. They may go after a fifth starter but your right, they are running out of time. You never know with the Yankees, they dont like to hint anyone on anything, they are always a player in the trade market, so I wouldnt be surprised if they went after a starter.
    Thank you so much for including me in your favorite blogs, I really appreciate it.

  7. thekfny28

    Awwwww, shmoopie papoopie! XD

    I’m not mad at you! You didn’t offend me. I simply look at it from a standpoint of “Yes, it happened. What are you going to do about it?” and move on. I’m not disgusted nor am I celebrating. And Dominicans will never have a bad baseball rep, there are too many of them xP


  8. JQuist

    *Buck Foston lol… I can’t say I’m “happy” that David Ortiz was caught using PHD’s – but it definently shines some light on yet another slugger who may not be all he’s cracked up to be. Look at the slump Papi went through this year – and look at his numbers from years past. It all adds up…

  9. popejonash

    Hey Virginia, I have also had a good rant about Ortiz. I’m not buying into this whole ‘well cheating is everywhere, so let it be’ argument that loads of people are making. If he’s guilty then he has a lot to answer for, starting with the hypocrisy of calling for tougher penalties. Ashhtto://

  10. crazy19canuck

    Hi Virginia – I just wish they would list the players already. It’s not like anyone is going to get punished for something that happened over 5 years ago, but it would be nice not to have to go through this every few months.
    Enjoy the good day!

  11. thekfny28

    “I’m not buying into this whole ‘well cheating is everywhere, so let it be’ argument that loads of people are making.”

    come on Ash, I’m the only one making it.

    This is a straw man argument, nobody says let it be, pretty much everyone wants this thing to be over, all I’m saying is that it makes no sense to be upset about it.


  12. juliasrants

    How sad – this is another black mark on baseball – not a day to rejoice. Maybe someday people like you will get that. This Red Sox fan took NO pleasure in hearing of any of the names and I wrote blogs bashing all of them. If you or I obtained drugs in the manner that A-Rod did we would be in jail – bringing drugs illegally into the country violates a number of federal laws. Now I will ask you the same question that I asked other Yankee fans misguided enough to find any joy in another player who cheated – I wrote blogs condemning A-Rod, Manny AND David Ortiz. Do you condemn all of them or only those who play for the Red Sox? For if you did not bash A-Rod then you have no right to bash any other player. Fans of the GAME mourn what these players did; we do not take joy in it.

    This is the blog I wrote condemning Ortiz –

    When can we expect to read yours’ condemning A-Rod? Oh – and we are only a game and 1/2 back – So watch out. The reports of us falling apart are premature. When you’ve been a fan as long as I have you know you don’t call it over in July.


  13. urbanshawk

    So proof that the sport you love is completely dirty is a fact worth celebrating?
    Don’t get me wrong, I did find a little bit of satisfaction in the news that Ortiz and Manny are on the dreaded list. But where does that put us a Yankee fans?
    So now the fact that we can now say that our cheaters are better than your cheaters is something worth celebrating?

  14. southernbelle

    Urbanshawk: I am happy that Ortiz was on the list because now Red Sox fans will just leave Arod alone because they have a cheater as well. We knew about the list, and having the names released is a good thing, although I wish all the names would be released at once. I am not happy that the game is dirty, I am happy that the hypocrits like Ortiz are being punished. -Virginia

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