Pitching Struggles as Yankees Lose Game 2

Mitre Had Nothing, and Yankees Failed to Get Big Hit

It was another frustrating loss for the Yankees. Last night’s loss was the first time they lost 2 games in a row since the Angels swept them before the break. I hope this is not a downward slide for the Yankees. They lost to the White Sox 10-5 last night.

Pitching Analysis: There is no other way to say it, but the pitching was utterly dreadful last night. Sergio Mitre toed the rubber for the third time in a Yankee uniform. Since the Yankees did not get a pitcher before the trade deadline, a lot of pressure is now on Mitre to perform well. He did not perform well yesterday. He pitched 3 innings, and gave up 5 runs on 7 hits. He was missing with his sinker and became very predictacble for the White Sox hitters. He failed to make adjustments during the game. Many times, we have seen CC and A.J. go out there without their best stuff, and they manage to grind out the game and give the team a chance to win, because they knew the quality of the stuff they had, and they made adjustments. That is what separates smart pitchers and good pitchers.

After Mitre struggled through 3, David Robertson was called upon. He pitched 2 innings and allowed just 1 run, but recorded the loss. Alfredo Aceves was next, and he was horrible. He pitched 1 & 2/3 innings, and allowed 4 runs on 3 hits and 2 walks. Aceves has not pitched in awhile due to shoulder fatigue, and I wonder if he was feeling some last night, because he was uncharacteristically bad. Mark Melancon was the only bright spot for Yankee pitching last night, going 1 & 1/3 innings of scorless ball, while picking up 2 strikeouts along the way. I really hope Mitre can pick things up and perform, because the Yanks are counting on him.

Defensive Analysis: It was not the greatest defensively played game. In the bottom of the 2nd, Podsednik bunted a ball that Mitre was going to field. Mitre rushed to the ball, so quickly that I thought he had a chance to get the out at second. But he fell down on his tushy, and failed to get any out at all.

Mitre on his butt.

In the bottom of the 7th, Johnny Damon made a fabulous catch to rob Carlos Quentin of an extra-base hit. Johnny is always trying. It seems like he never gives up in a game. I hope the Yankees are smart and sign Damon, because he is too valuable to this club to let go of.

Offensive Analysis: After the tough loss in game 1, I was hoping that the Yankees would go out there in the first inning with a vengeance and score a bunch of runs. They did. Jeter and Damon singled, Tex doubled, Arod got an RBI groundout, Matsui singled, and by the end of the inning the Yankees had 3 runs, which Mitre soon gave back.

In the 4th, the Yankees were down 5-3, and Eric Hinske hit a 2-run homer to tie the game at 5. But after that, the Yankee bats went dead. The Yankees only managed 3 hits through the rest of the game. They had opportunities to come back in innings where the leadoff man was on, but they failed to get the big hit.

It was not a good game last night. It made it worse that the Red Sox won, narrowing the Yankees’ lead to just 1.5 games. Yikes! It’s getting a bit scary. The Yankees better pull themselves together, because you cannot go through a bad stretch in the AL East. This division is too good. With A.J. on the hill today, the Yankees look to get back on the right track, and I’m with them all the way. GO YANKEES!!! 



  1. devilabrit

    another tough loss for you guys, it seems as hard to stay on top as it is to claw you way back to get there….todays another day and with AJ on the mound you should be able to pull out a win today…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  2. Jane Heller

    These games in Chicago have had the feel of those Angels games, Virginia, but I’m optimistic that we’ll turn it around today. The Yanks had a tremendous July, so maybe they’ll kick off the new month with another great run. First off, they need a good outing by AJ. But they also need to tighten up the defense and stop leaving men on base!


  3. mattwest

    I agree, rough game last night. Hopefully the O’s can take care of Boston, and you guys can stretch that lead out.

  4. raysfanboy

    Uh oh. You dropped another one. I’m not rubbing anything in. Seriously. We need you to drop a few here and there so that we can catch up and make a competition of this thing. I’d love nothing more than to see the Yanks, Sox, and Rays fighting for it all the way through September. At that point, I don’t care what happens. But the thrill of the chase…cool.

  5. jcole1994

    In response to your question about the trade deadline, I like what the Yankees did. As I mentioned earlier in the season, the Yankees added enough in the off season, and its to the point where the Yankees just need to play their hand. In reality, the Yankees could have gotten Halladay, Holliday and Cliff Lee and paid for all of them. They have the money and the prospects. But two things are wrong with that. One, they would be completely dealing away their future and two, it would just take the fun out of it. The Yankees would just dominate and it would look terrible to the rest of the league. Enough it enough, if the Yankees can’t win with what they have (and they certainly can) then they don’t deserve to win at all.

  6. JQuist

    *Sigh.* And now we’re on to losing game 3! We need to avoid this sweep tomarrow and get back on the win-train. I can see first place sliding out of our hands like grains of sand… Even Burnett couldn’t get the job done. CC’s our last hope lol – before we witness an inexcusable series gone wrong.


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