More of the Same….Oh Wait!

Melky Hits for Cycle to Lead Yanks to Victory

After the Yankees went out and got 3 runs of Buehrle for a lead, CC soon gave back the lead, and I was immidiately thinking: this is more of the same. But wait! I spoke too soon! The Yankees came back, thanks to my man Melky, and CC held on and let the Yankees salvage the final game in Chicago. The Yankees won 8-5. The Yankees won! YAY!

Pitching Analysis: CC Sabathia started yesterday. He had a pretty easy start, but his command was a bit off. He kept missing high and away with his fastball. Then in the 3rd, things got out of control. CC allowed 4 runs, thanks to homers by Dye and Thome, to let a 3 run lead slip away. That is when I threw my shoe at the tv. It was so frustrating. The Yankees managed 3 runs of Buehrle, and were looking good. Then CC gave it up in the “big inning” fashion like A.J. the day before. I couldn’t help but to throw my shoe.

But CC managed to grind out the game into the 7th, settling down nicely. He gave up 5 runs on 10 hits, and didn’t walk a batter. He managed to keep the Yankees in the game, and even though it was not his best start, I consider it a good one since we won.

CC’s game face. 

Phil Hughes relieved CC in the 8th, getting 2 outs. Then Mo came on for the 4 out save, and nailed it down for his 30th of the year. Nice pitching, could’ve been better, but hey. We won.

Defensive Analysis: The defense was much better yesterday. Great plays were being made all over the place. Especially in the first. New Yankee Jerry Hairston robbed Podsednik of a hit with a nice diving play at third. Then Melky stole a single from Dye by diving in front of him to make the catch. Hairston also made another nice play in the 3rd. I really like Hairston already. He is very versatile, and unlike Ransom, he is good everywhere. He can also handle the bat, unlike Ransom. And he can bunt and run well. He reminds me of a Clay Bellinger or Jose Viscaino of the championship teams, and that’s a good thing. He does all the little things right.

Offensive Analysis: The Yanks got to Buehlre early (Ha! That rhymes!) in the 2nd and scored 3 runs, thank to my man Melky. He hit a 3-run homer on the first pitch! The Melkman Delivers! Melky made history at the plate. He hit for the cycle! Now we don’t have to hear Michael Kay say, “The last cycle hit by a Yankee was by Tony Fernandez in 1995.” He said that like every day! Now it will be Melky’s name. The last thing Melky got was the triple, in the 9th. I could not believe he did it! I am so proud of him!

I love you, Melky! πŸ™‚

The Yankees had contributions all throughout the lineup. They banged out a total of 15 hits. But the key to yesterday’s win was that they were able to get the big hit when it really mattered. If they can do that, victory will be within their grasp.

Yesterday’s win was a big boost for the Yankees. CC gave up the lead, but they came back and held it for the W. The heroes (Finally I get do to this!) are Melky Cabrera, for hitting for the cycle and making me proud, Jerry Hairston, for his really nice defense and his 2 timely hits, and CC, for although giving up the lead, holding it for the win. Sadly the Red Sox won, so the Yankees still have the tiny .5 game lead. The Red Sox come into town Thursday, and this may be the perfect time for the Yankees to get hot again. WE CAN DO IT, BOYS!





  1. Jane Heller

    It’s so nice to say “we won” after that awful first three games in Chicago. Ugh. I never want to see that ballpark again. Now they need to recharge and get hot at JUST the right time. If they could pad their lead a little and face the Red Sox a few games ahead, it would be sooo much better.

  2. devilabrit

    Yeah, I have seen that commercial.. and it is funny, I am sure there are a number of youngsters around thinking… thats the sort of thing my dad would do…thankfully I wouldn’t be caught dead in socks and sandals like that….LOL
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  3. mattwest

    Great win for you guys and what a game from the melkman. Hope you guys managed to soften up the Sox before we get our turn

  4. thekfny28

    Calm down now Virginia, it was a joke, lol… I don’t actually call people girly girls, if that makes you feel better.

    *awkward silence*

    In uhh, other news, it’s uhh, a day off today…

    -El EJ

  5. thekfny28

    LOL I have so much to say about those two comments that I have to read them over so I don’t forget anything…

    Okay, boom, I had a feeling you were just kidding, but I wasn’t too sure, y’know? lol You can never be too careful… unless you have OCD, but clearly that’s not the case here. EJ is my first and middle initial, and I do not reveal what those are in public, so if you want to know, you’re going to have to guess. I’m not a fan of awkward silences, I think.

    And as for the WWE Raw excuse for not being a girly girl, well, I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Haha, I’m not a homophobic person, in fact I’d be the first guy to admit a guy is hot(i.e. Nick Markakis) but… Randy Orton? Come now. Coooome on come on come on.


  6. thekfny28

    Uhh, I was just about to look up the guy you named but then I realized that it would involve looking at more bulky, big, sweaty men in nothing but a speedo with his Johnson sticking up and out ready to be commented on, and I decided better of it. I won’t ask your opinion on Adriana Lima, so I’d appreciate you did the favor back, lol. Unless he’s clothed, I can tolerate that.

    One thing; how come you always put a goodbye like “Later” at the end of your comments? I’m not seeing you tomorrow, lol. Unless you’re not telling me something. O.o

    -μ „μž 일본

  7. thekfny28

    Better, better lol. I decided to look at him, I guess he’s good looking, obviously not my thing, plus I’m clearly 1000 times hotter XD


  8. crzblue2

    I hope you do build a little more cusion before you face the Red Sox and actually win some games against them. I don’t like a team dominating another. I like to watch comparitive baseball. Congrats on Melky hitting for the cycle!
    I am going to see what other pictures I have of Andre.

  9. thekfny28

    Haha, I think it’d be best if you refrained from commenting because that would kinda ruin the relationship, if there is one, lol. I don’t hate awkwardness, I told you, you’re the one who hates it. πŸ˜›

    -EJ the Puppetmaster from New York

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