My Trip to Dutchess Stadium

The Renegades Game on Sunday

My Dad’s friend had 4 tickets to Sunday’s Hudson Valley Renegades game that he couldn’t use, so he gave them to us for free. Sunday was really bad weather, though. It was raining all day. The game was scheduled for 5:05. At around 4, the sun came out and it looked like the rest of the rain would hold up. My Mom asked me and my little brother Tommy to decide if we should go, and we wanted to, but we weren’t sure if we would get stuck in the rain. While we were deciding what to do, the lights went out. Another blackout! That was  like the 3rd of the week! Then right away we decided to go, because being out in the rain is better than sitting in a dark house with no power. My older brother and my Dad stayed home with our old Lab, Jesse. He is arthritic and can’t get around by himself, so he needs someone with him all the time.

We got to Dutchess Stadium nice and early. The field was still wet in some parts, and they said the game was postponed until 6. That was annoying. My Mom asked if we should go back, but I didn’t want to sit around in a blackout, so we stayed. 6:00 rolled around, and the field still wasn’t ready. All this time, I just watched the Renegades and the Cyclones warm up. They are all so cute! Everyone on the Single A teams wears high socks on the uniforms, and they all look so cute.

Here’s Dutchess Stadium. It’s a pretty park.

All the trees make a pretty batter’s eye. 

During the delay, there were Renegades signing autographs for free. It was nice; they stayed out there for a good while signing everything. Me and Tommy went over to get the starting pitcher to sign out tickets, but as soon as we went over, he went in the dugout. We didn’t get anything signed.

That’s the Gade’s starting pitcher. Isn’t he cute?

The game finally started, and it was a pitcher’s duel. After the third inning, the announcer came on and said anyone you stayed through the hour and a half rain delay is getting their tickets renewed. That made us so happy. Not one free game, but 2! We are going to try to get tickets for this Sunday’s game.

The Renegade’s pitcher gave up a run first. But the Renegades struck back with 3 runs to take a 3-1 lead! These are the Rays of the future, and they looked pretty good. The Cyclones are the baby Mets, so I was definetely rooting for the Gades, and they are our local team. After the Gades’s big inning, it was getting dark, so we decided to leave. If the game had started on time, it would’ve been over by the time we left. But my Mom has trouble driving in the dark, so we left. The rest of the game was televised on a local channel, so we finished watching it at home. The Renegades wound up losing to the Cyclones, 5-3. Both teams played well.

He had the hit that tied the game at 1. He was the catcher.

This little cutie hit in the go-ahead runs for the Gades.

Single A baseball games are a lot of fun. I have actually seen some of the Gades make it to the majors. One time we went and got a baseball signed by Fernando Perez, and he made it to the bigs as a Ray! Longoria also started out as a Gade. You never know who will be the next superstar.



  1. mattpeas

    my hometown team, the mahoning valley scrappers play in the new york penn league with the renegades. its a nice looking ballpark, alot like the scrappers. glad you had fun. i like minor league baseball sometimes, but id much rather spend my money at an MLB park

  2. thekfny28

    Califano? lol Sounds Italian. I thought you were a countreh gal from down south… what happened to that?

    Anyways, let’s pray we can do to Roy Halladay tonight what we did to him the last time he faced us…

    -E_____ J______ ________ __________
    *no I didn’t count the spaces, so don’t even guess lol*

  3. Jane Heller

    I can’t believe you went to the Renegades game! I guess I wrote about them before you joined MLBlogs. They had a promotion last month celebrating women in baseball, and Jean Afterman, the assistant GM of the Yankees, threw out the first pitch. They also featured me and my book on the scoreboard. They’re a really fun organization.

  4. mattpeas

    Hey and speaking of Hudson Valley how far is that from Peekskill? My roomate is from Peekeskill and always talks about that Renegades and how they’re better than my Scrappers. Just wondered if you were familiar with that town

  5. thekfny28

    Haha, well we don’t have any Chinese teachers at my school, so it’d be a lawsuit if anybody cracked a Chinese joke at me…

    -EJ ze Dork from New York (rhymes)

  6. thekfny28

    I don’t know when they’re gonna do the top 100 blogs but yours is probably going to be at the top, you get tons of comments all the time… I think they’re only doing top 70 or top 50 nowadays, I think it’d be really sweet if I can chart in those, considering that the last top 100 blogs list I was like, 97th. lol but thanks to you, I’m getting a lot of comments now(mainly from you), so muchas gracias, senorita.

    -LeAnn Rimes

  7. raysfanboy

    Hey! Go Renegades. Of course, they are an affiliate of my Rays, so that’s cool you got to see them! I have seen them play a few times (have an old dusty hat to prove it) but they were not a Rays team back then. In fact, I have no idea who they were connected with. Hopefully the Rays can take down the Sox tonight and make us both happy!

  8. JQuist

    *That’s awesome that you made it to a Renegades game. It’s wild to even hear about the Renegades on a giant website like this… I only live about 20 minutes away from Dutchess Stadium, and a friend of mine is eager to tryout for Hudson Valley when he can. Did you know that Ryan Dempster, AND Evan Longoria actually played for the Renegades at one point in time? I gotta’ make it to a game soon, (considering Yankee games cost about $1000 now.)

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