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My 2nd Renegades Game This Year

I went to the Hudson Valley Renegades game last Sunday, and there was an hour and a half rain delay. They said that anyone who stayed through the delay can renew their tickets for any game on the homestand. I renewed my tickets for yesterday, Sunday August 9th’s game. They played the baby Pirates, the State College Spikes. The Renegades lost 3-2 in 10 innings, but I had a wonderful time.

Once again, there was rain in the forecast, but we decided to go because the worst thing that could happen was that the game would get rained out, and we would get out tickets renewed. Throughout the game, there were a few showers, but it was fine. The best stuff happened before the game.

When I went last Sunday, I tried to get the players to sign stuff for me, but I was too late. This time, I was determined to get some signatures. We arrived at the ballpark early. My brother and I went to the gift shop and bought Renegade baseballs for the players to sign for us. After the gift shop, we went to our seats. But they were in a different spot than last time, much further from the Gade dugout. But me and my brother Tommy were determined to do anything to get our balls signed. We walked all the way to the other side of the park, balls and Sharpies in hand. When we got to the dugout, we didn’t see any players in it. Most of them were loosening up on the field. But all of a sudden, a little cutie poked his head out of the dugout. I did not know who he was. He was wearing a sweatshirt, so I couldn’t see his number. Before we left for the game, I went on the Renegade’s website and studied the players’ numbers and names, so I could call them when I saw them. But I did not kow who this guy was.

I just called out, “Hey!” He did not hear me. I said it again, and he turned around. I asked him if he would sign, and he nodded. The signatures were hard to read, but they all put their jersey number next to it. His name was Angel Chapa, #13, and he was adorable.

He’s a pitcher.

So he went back into the dugout, and I was all proud that I got his signature. Then I saw a really cute guy, and I gasped when I saw him. He was the starting pitcher I saw last Sunday! I tried to get his signature last week, but when I went to the dugout, he was gone. I was not going to blow my chance. I called to him, saying, “Hey! Will you sign?” He came over, and as he was signing, I told him that I saw him pitch last Sunday, and that he was really, really good. He smiled and laughed a bit. He had the cutest smile. Kyle Lobstein, pitcher, #49, signed right below Angel on my ball.


Then I saw another guy, and asked him to come over. As he was signing, another player went up to him to talk, and he gave the ball to him to sign for me! What a sweetheart!

He passed the ball over to the cutie below to sign for me.

Then the players on the field came back into the dugout. I saw my favorite guy from last time, Mayo Acosta. He was all the way on the other side of the dugout. I gasped when I saw him, and yelled, “Mayo!” he didn’t hear me. But Angel Chapa did. He looked at me, and then looked a Mayo. I didn’t know what he told him. I saw Mayo walk down the dugout, but then he disappeared! “No!” I thought. But before I knew it, a Gade hat appeared before my eyes, and under that hat was Mayo Acosta! I was freaking out. He’s adorable. He smiled at me, with his cute little face, and signed my ball in a nice, prominent spot beneath the Renegade logo. I thanked him, and he said, “Your welcome.” in a cute hispanic accent.

There’s Mayo!

I wasn’t done yet. I saw my other favorite from last time, the 2nd baseman, Tyler Bortnick. I said, “Tyler! Tyler!” he was walking out of the dugout, it was almost game time, but he heard me and looked at me. I motioned to him with the ball and marker, and said, “Can you sign quickly?” Sure enough, he smiled and he did. There were a bunch of other little kids there at this time, and he used my marker to sign all their stuff. Imagine that! My marker! Then we was like, “I’ve got someone’s pen here.” I said, “Oh, that’s mine. You can keep it if you need it.” He chuckled, and then gave it back. What a cutie.

He wrote the neatest out of them all.

After Tyler, a coach walked by. I thought, hey, what the heck? I asked him to sign, and he said sure. My brother and I wished his Gades luck. He thanked us, we thanked him, and he left. His name is Michael Johns, and he is the Renegade bench coach.

The game was about to start, so we went back to our seats. Tommy told me that I was too pushy with the players. I don’t think I was. I asked politely, and they were all happy to sign the ball. I don’t think they know how much they mean to us. We love them.

It was a good game, although they lost. Every game, there is a “K Man” on the opposing team. If the “K Man” strikes out 3 times, everyone in the crowd gets free mini golf at Fun Central. Well, the K Man struck out 3 times, so we got free mini golf! I felt bad for that guy.

Deybis Benitez, the K Man.  

I really enjoyed my night at Dutchess Stadium.  For more information about the Hudson Valley Renegades, click on the link to their website I have on the side of my blog.




  1. heartruss

    Virginia…good job. As I’ve said before, never pass up an opportunity or you will regret it later. You were not pushy at all. I have a feeling they were quite happy signing for you. If a player doesn’t want to sign, he won’t sign. Your team must have a good lookiing clause, they alll are awesome. Take a picture of your ball and post it. I would love to see it.
    You are now offiicially the new Autograph Magnet!!!
    You rock girl.

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