Sweepin’ Away the Sox

Yanks Complete Sweep of BoSox, and are Pulling Away in the AL East

Yesterday I wondered what kind of exhilerating experience game 4 would be. It sure was amazing. The Yankees won by the score of 5-2.

Pitching Analysis: Andy Pettitte was great last night. He went 7 innings of 5 hit, shutout baseball and struck out 4 along the way. He did not get a win, but I’m sure he is happy with his performance. It was a dandy from Andy.

Andy did get into some trouble in the 4th. With 2 out, Bay and Drew singled. Then Lowell walked to load the bases. Varitek then hit a line drive shot into left, but right at Johnny Damon, who put it away for the final out, and the end of the Red Sox threat. Andy really did a nice job last night. Two thumbs up for Andy!

What a game from Andy. He’s like having a 3rd ace!

Coke came in to pitch the 8th, since Hughes was not available. Pedroia got a 1 out single, and Victor Martinez followed with a 2 run homer, the first Red Sox run in a LONG time. But more importantly, the Red Sox had a lead! Uh-oh….

It all worked out, though. Mo picked up his 32nd save of the year, completing the sweep.

Defensive Analysis: Once again, the defense was very solid, since the pitching was good. Swisher made a nice play on a liner by Lowell, catching the ball in front of him and then rolling forwards. I don’t know if that was necessary, but hey, it’s Swisher.

Offensive Analysis: It took the Yanks awhile to get on the board, and I was starting to think it would be game 2 all over again! Both Lester and Pettitte were very sharp. But lucky for us, Arod hit a solo bomb to left-center off Lester in the 7th, giving the Yankees a 1-0 lead.

That run was erased after Martinez hit his 2-run homer, but the Yankees did not give up then. In the 8th, all with 2 outs, magical things happened. Johnny Damon hit a home run to tie the game at 2, and then the “Texicutioner” went back-to-back with him, giving the Yankees a 3-2 lead! Tex got himself a curtain call from the best fans. Johnny Damon and Mark Teixeira now have the franchise record for Yankee teammates going back-to-back in a season; they have done it 6 times this year! Good for them.

Nothin’ like a little Yankee magic.

The Yankees weren’t done yet. Still with 2 out, Arod walked, Posada doubled, and Swisher singled, scoring them both and giving the Yankees a 5-2 lead! 

The sweep is complete, and the Yankees are pulling away in the AL East. They now have a 6.5 game lead! And the Red Sox are now TIED for first in the wild card with the Rangers! TIED! The heroes for last night are Andy Pettitte, for an amazing performance, and for Johnny and Tex for making Yankee history, and for giving us the lead. What a great series. It was Girardi’s Boston Massacre! Haha! I really like the way this team looks. Hopefully, they can remain strong, and bring #27 to the Bronx.

I love it!



  1. crazy19canuck

    Very very very well done indeed. Now can you stop winning for a very games so we can catch up? 🙂 We’re a game and a half off the Wildcard leaders…Tell ya what you guys can keep the division, if you’ll let us get to second place and win the wildcard….would that work? Now we just have figure out how to beat the Angels and hope Detroit can help us out a bit too. The Jays are awaiting the Yanks…enjoy the games!

  2. southernbelle

    Ginny, keeping the division sounds good to me! I hope you guys win the wild card. The Rays are a great club, and they never give up. I admire them for that. -Virginia

  3. Jane Heller

    I love it too, Virginia! So excited about how the weekend went. And I really believe this team can go all the way to #27. It’s been a while since we had a championship trophy and I’m ready. But first things first. We have to keep winning!


  4. junojen

    Hi, Virginia. I just updated my blog. I wasn’t sure about Andy last night. It looked to me like he was having a few control issues at one point. Doesn’t matter though when you have big bats like A-Rod, Damon and Tex. Those guys are tough!


  5. feverspell

    I would love to see Mark win the MVP, but it’s Joe Mauer’s to lose at this point. He’s having an incredible year. Although no Yankee fan will ever discount the effect he’s had on this team – there’s no way in hell we are where we are right now if Cash doesn’t make that deal.

    This was one of the best series of baseball I’ve seen the Yankees play in a few years. We got GREAT pitching out of everyone when we needed it, and while our offense after the 1st game was pretty dead, we were able to capitalize on the fact Boston’s was deader and that’s what superior teams do – they take advantage.

    We have a tough series coming up with Toronto and we miss Halladay, so that should make it that much easier on us. We need to keep going and not look back.

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