Feliz Cumpleanos, Leche Mi Amor!

Happy Birthday, Leche My Love

Today, August 11th, is Melky Cabrera’s 25th birthday. Melky has come such a long way as a Yankee. I remember back in ’05 when he was just a rookie. He was so nervous, and kept dropping balls in the outfield. What a cutie. And now look at him. He is such an important player to this team. I’m going to reminsice about some of my favorite Melky moments.

My most prized card: Melky’s rookie card.

When he was just a rookie and was dropping balls, I immediately fell for him. But after that, he got good. I remember on June 6th of 2006, in the 8th inning in a game against the Red Sox, Manny Ramirez hit a ball DEEP to centerfield, and it looked like a home run. But Melky had other ideas. He leapt over the wall, stealing a home run from Manny. This was known as “The Melky Catch,” and went down as the most outstanding catch of the season in ’06.

“The Melky Catch.”

On June 15h of ’07 Melky became the second youngest Yankee to hit a walkoff home run, second only to Mickey Mantle. Many more walkoffs followed for Melky, as he leads the team with 3 this year. Melky has been the clutchest Yankee this year, and has proved to be quite a threat from the #9 hole. In my opinion, Melky can bat in many places in the lineup, probably everywhere but 3rd, 4th, or 5th. He is a very versatile player.

A mob ready to greet Melky after a walkoff win.

Melky made Yankee history recently this year. On August 2nd in Chicago, Melky hit for the cycle, the first Yankee to do so since Tony Fernandez (I’m sure you all knew that!). I was so proud of him.

Melky being goofy on the day he hit for the cycle.

Melky always finds a way to make me laugh. On July 24th of this year against the Oakland Athletics, Melky had a typical Melky moment. In the 7th inning, he led off with a single.Then Jeter hit a ball to short, and Orlando Cabrera flipped to second, but a hustling Melky beat it out, giving Jeter a hit! But after being called safe, Melky started losing his balance, and dancing around trying to stay on the base. He fell over, but kept his foot on the bag! He was safe! That had me hysterically laughing for a good 10 minutes.

Another Melky walkoff.

There was another thing this year that was typically Melky. I think it was some time in May. I don’t remember the date, or who the Yankees were facing, because it was before I had my blog. But this was funny. Melky hit a foul ball that bounced and hit him in his….uhh…you know where. He winced and fell to the ground, the poor baby was in pain! The trainer had to come out and give him smelling salts. The whole dugout was laughing at him, and I was crying for him! Melky finally recovered, and continued his at-bat. After every pitch, poor little Melky stepped out of the box and jumped up and down, fiddling…uhh…”down there”. He wound up getting a hit and reaching base. When he got back into the dugout, his teammates were teasing him.

A random picture of Melky. He looks pumped up!

Whether making a great play, or getting a clutch hit, doing a crazy handshake in the dugout, or just being himself, Melky has become a great player for the Yankees. Melky is my favortite Yankee, because he is a great player with a unique personality. I hope he remains a Yankee for the rest of his career, because I know this team will not be the same without him. Melky, if you ever stumble across my blog and read this, I just want you to know that I think you are amazing in so many ways. I hope the Yankees win for you tonight.

Happy birthday Melky!

This is for you!



  1. Jane Heller

    That was such a great birthday tribute to Melky! Loved it. It was really fun re-living all those moments in the Melkman’s career, including the recent episode where he got hit with the ball “down there” and his teammates were laughing. I’m so glad he wasn’t badly hurt, but it was a very funny incident. Good job, Virginia, and happy birthday, Melky!


  2. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    I have liked watching Melky for a while too. Like you said, he’s a goofy guy and that always makes things entertaining. This is a very nice tribute to him, and I wish him a happy birthday as well!


  3. matttan7

    I agree with Jane above, that’s sure a wonderful tribute you have written and posted. Melky Cabrera is sure a fun player to watch, and good to know that he’s a mainstay for the Yankees, just like the other youngsters Robinson Cano, Brett Gardner, Phil Hughes, and Justin “Joba” Chamberlain. I hope Melky’s birthday can bring a good luck charm to the Yankees, and sure enough it does. 7-5 Yanks win over the ‘Jays.

    Great blogging from Virgina from Cold Spring, New York
    Matthew Tang

  4. feverspell

    Melky has definitely been an asset to this team, moreso than I think people were even aware of when he got called up. He’s made a couple tremendous catches out there, the one that always sticks in my mind is the one where he robbed Manny of a HR when it was super-late in the game and we were only leading Boston 1-0. Farnsworth was on the mound, I believe.

    Great tribute to the birthday boy!

    BTW, how about those back-to-back jacks in the game last night? The Yanks sure know how to do dramatics, don’t they?


  5. 2yankeeboy

    It feels like the Melk man has been playing for the Yankees for soooo long but its only been 2 1/2 years! I remember back in ’07 i went to a game in Baltimore and i sat in the first row right next to the left field foul pole (this is when Melky still played left) in fair territory and i had a sign that said “Got Melk?” and everyone in the section was chanting “MELKY, MELKY, MELKY” so he turned around and saw my sign it was pretty cool! i’ll never forget that!

  6. JQuist

    *Happy Birthday Melky… Congratulations on playing well enough to start nearly every game. This was a pretty big year for Cabrera – making the lineup, hitting the cycle… I can see him being a Yankee for years to come.


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