The Drama Club!

Yankees Win Again in Dramatic Fashion

I’m giving the Yankees the nickname “The Drama Club.” It seems like every time the Yankees win, they do it dramatically. That definetely was the case last night. I was so happy when they won, because I wanted them to win for Melky on his birthday. The Yanks beat the Blue Jays by the score of 7-5.

Pitching Analysis: Joba Chamberlain pitched for the Yankees last night. It was an adequate start for Joba. He went 6 innings, giving up 4 runs on 5 hits, striking out 5 along the way. He was good early, but then ran into a little trouble.

Joba’s performance was not as good as he wanted it to be.

Joba had a scorless 1st, and an easy 1-2-3 11 pitch 2nd inning. It got a little ugly in the third. Joba walked the #9 hitter (never a smart idea) Joe Inglett, who has a really cool batting stance. Then Scutaro singled. Hill forced out, and the Adam Lind walked to load the bases. Then cleanup hitter Lyle Overbay, the obvious annoying guy of this series, hit a double in the right-center gap which cleared the bases and tied the game at 3. Ugh. In the 4th, Joba gave up a leadoff home run to the rookie Randy Ruiz, which gave the Jays a 4-3 lead.

Bruney pitched a scorless 7th, Coke and Robertson combined for a scorless 8th, and Mo picked up the save in the 9th. But he actually gave up a run! (GASP!) Edwin Encarnacion hit a solo home run to centerfield. Mo actually did the worst out of all the relievers. But he got the save, so whatever!

The pitching was pretty good last night. If you take away the 3rd, Joba pitched very well. The bullpen did a wonderful job of keeping the game at 4-3, and giving the Yankees the opportunity to win.

Defensive Analysis: The defense was again strong last night. The Yanks played errorless baseball once again. In the 1st inning, Johnny Damon made a nice play. Scutaro hit a liner to left, and it was a little over Johnny’s head. Damon went back, and thanks to a little jump, he caught the ball. Nice way to start the game.

Offensive Analysis: The Yankees came out swinging against Richmond. Jeter hit a first pitch single, followed by a Damon double. Tex singled to score Jeter. The Jorge hit a 2 out double, which scored Damon. For some unknown reason, Tex attempted to score, and failed miserably. He touched third base when the cuttoff man released the ball. That was a stupid way to end the inning. And for a long time, I thought that play would be the difference in the game.

In the 2nd, Cano got a leadoff double, moved to third because of a balk, and then scored on a sac fly by the birthday boy, Leche. That made it 3-0, and that was all the offense for a long time.

The bottom of the 8th is where it all changed. Hideki Matsui, who was 0 for 3 at the time, hit an ENORMOUS home run into right field. ENORMOUS!!! That tied the game at 4, and gave the crowd something to cheer about. Then Posada comes up, and he hits a home run to right field! But Cito Gaston wanted to make sure it was a home run. From his angle, it looked like a fan stole the ball from Inglett. But according to the replay, Inglett just missed it, and it was ruled a home run! YAY! Yankeed lead 5-4! How dramatic was that?!

Matsui hits a bomb to tie the game………

……and Posada hits one to give Yanks the lead! BACK-TO-BACK!!!

The Yankees weren’t done yet. Hinske hit a 1 out double. Then my man Melky hit a single, which scored pinch runner Jerry Hairston. Melky stole second, and scored on a Johnny Damon single. Melky had a nice birthday. He was 1 for 3 with 2 RBI, 1 run, and a stolen base. 

What a game for the Yankees! They jumped out early, then lost the lead, but came back dramatically late in the game and held on for the lead! The heroes for last night are Jorge & Hideki, for providing back-to-back drama, which was the 3rd night in a row the Yankees went back-to-back. The other heroes are Bruney, Coke, Robertson, and Mo for shutting down the Blue Jay offense and giving the Yankees the chance to make it dramatic. I’ll throw Melky in there as well, just for having a nice birthday. I love you, Melky! There was no change in the Yankee lead in the division. The Red Sox won as well, cheating it up at home and having brawls with cute rookie pitchers. How classless are they? The rubber game of the series will be played in the afternoon, and the Yanks look to live up to the new name I gave them. GO YANKEES!

I have a quick lookalike. I think there is a small resemblance between these two pitchers.


Last night’s starter Scott Richmond…..



……and Yankee star Dave Righetti!

They kind of look alike. They are making the same face. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but last night I noticed it.



  1. 2yankeeboy

    I totally agree with your nickname the Drama Club lol. I like the dramatic wins though its a nice change from the blowouts we were having earlier!

  2. devilabrit

    as nice as it is to see you (well read about it anyway) all joyous in your Yankees wins, i just want you guys to lose a couple… and Drama Club is a good one for the Yankees, that can hide a multitude of sins for the players behaviours too…LOL
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  3. Jane Heller

    It was another dramatic win and the Yankees are a Drama Club! I just want all the dramas to have happy endings. LOL. And I like the look-alike with Rags. He was such a great Yankee. Now let’s finish off the Jays today with another win – dramatic or otherwise!

  4. thekfny28

    Ahhh, let’s not call them The Drama Club. It seems like kind of a g@y and patronizing nickname, you know, cause the drama club are usually a bunch of outcasts and weird people and dudes who either are weak sauce or are trying to get some…


  5. utleyeveryday

    Joba is certainly an entertaining act. I can tell you love your team. I love to hate your team, but at least we both love baseball.

  6. feverspell

    As I said to you on my blog, the Yankees DO have a flair for making things interesting, probably to make sure everyone is still watching! Maybe they’re afraid if they do a basic 15-0 blowout, people will turn the TVs off? Who knows, as long as they keep winning, I don’t give a hoot how it happens.

    And to commentator cervellifan:

    //It seems like kind of a g@y and patronizing nickname, you know, cause the drama club are usually a bunch of outcasts and weird people and dudes who either are weak sauce or are trying to get some…//

    No offense intended here, but stereotype much? I think “The Drama Club” is a great nickname for a team that loves to wait until the final innings sometimes to pull a win out. Face it, this team lives for that kind of stuff and as fans we eat it up. I don’t think it’s gay or patronizing or stupid or whatever else.


  7. jcole1994

    The Drama Club! I like that. The Yankees are playing great no doubt. It seems like they don’t lose in this ballpark, and with the AL getting home field advantage in the WS, that may be a great lift for this team should it go that far. But, you gotta get there first. Big road trip coming up, they should be able to beat these teams, hopefully they can keep this up on the road. But we all know how tough it has been for the East to play in the West. Good Luck Bombers.
    – NYColeman

  8. ohy22xd

    Nice nickname! I love dramatic wins. “The Drama Club” is perfect.
    Yes, we are so much alike! I’m 14 and a freshman living in San Diego loving the Padres like a family. When it comes to celebrities that my friends talk about, it gets annoying and I would much rather be watching Padres baseball. My crush is adorable, little David Eckstein. I adore him so much even though he is way older than me. Age doesn’t matter. When I got his autograph, he was so sweet enough to give a big smile and talked to me. Padres are rebuilding and I would never give up on them. Thanks for the nice comment you wrote!
    (By the way my full, first name is Hyun Young. Not Hyun 🙂 )

  9. jcole1994

    For the time being, I have changed the name of my blog to A Bite Off The Big Apple. I would like to ask you — being my MLBlog best friend — do you like The Yankee Lounge or A Bite Off The Big Apple better?

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