The Drama Club Steals the Show Once Again!

Yankees Win in Walkoff Fashion and Take Series

It was another exciting, dramatic game yesterday. The Yankees lived up to the name I gave them on my post yesterday. They truly are “The Drama Club.” The walkoff was fun to watch, as well as the celebratory “pieing” afterwords. The Yankees beat the Blue Jays yesterday by the score of 4-3.

Pitching Analysis: A.J. “The Assassin” Burnett started for the Yanks yesterday. He went 6 innings, allowing 3 runs on 10 hits (9 of which were singles) and 3 costly wild pitches. Along the way, he struck out 7. A.J. had good stuff yesterday, perhaps it was too good. His curveball had almost too much movement, and it sent Posada scrambling for the ball too many times! A.J. started out a bit shaky, and then settled down. He had a 25 pitch first, but did not allow any runs. In the 2nd, Randy Ruiz hit a leadoff home run which tied the game at 1. Then A.J. had an esy 3rd, and easy 4th, and an easy 5th, which helped bring his pitch count back down to a respsctable level.

In the 6th, things fell apart for A.J. Ruiz got a 1 out single, followed by a single by Encarnacion. Then A.J. threw a wild pitch, which allowed the runners to go to 2nd and 3rd, still with just 1 out. Chavez singled, bringing the score to 3-2. After getting Inglett to strike out, A.J. allowed another wild pitch, which scored the tieing run!

Coke, Robertson, and Hughes combined for 3 scoreless innings of relief. But the game went into extras, and Girardi called on newcomer Chad Gaudin. Girardi said that Gaudin could go 85 pitches if needed. He only needed 44, and he picked up his first win as a Yankee.

The pitching was good yesterday. A.J. was strong, it was just the wild pitches that killed him. After the game, he was asked about the wild pitches, and he refused to comment on them. I wouldn’t want to get on A.J.’s bad side!

Defensive Analysis: The defense was once again solid yesterday, which is always important in close games. Jeter had to leave the game in the 3rd, after he toughed out a foot injury due to getting hit by a pitch in the first. He was replaced by Ramiro Pena. Pena was immediately tested out, and he got tangled up on a sharply hit ball by Adam Lind. It was scored a hit, but Ramiro probably could’ve made the play.

Ramiro quickly redeemed himself. In the 4th, Edwin Encarnacion hit a ridiculously hard liner to Ramiro’s right. It looked like a hit all the way. But Ramiro extended his body to the fullest, and dived to make an unbelievable play. A.J. liked what he saw.

Offensive Analysis: The Yankees only got 7 hits, but they got the hits that really counted. In the 1st, Jeter got plunked in the foot and Damon doubled. Then Jorge came up with the bases loaded, and hit a ball to Aaron Hill that should’ve been a double play. It was booted by Hill, and Jorge got himself an RBI groundout from it. 1-0 Yankees.

Derek Jeter leaves after he's hit in the foot by a pitch. X-rays were negative.    Alex Rodriguez befalls a similar fate, getting hit in the arm but before the Yanks win in extras.

These poor Bombers! 😦 

In the 3rd, as I was eating my lunch, Johnny Damon hit a home run to lead off the inning, giving the Yanks a 2-1 lead. I always say it, but I’m going to say it again: THE YANKEES HAVE TO BE RETARDED IF THEY DON’T SIGN JOHNNY DAMON!!! Damon has done nothing but good things for this team. He has been consistently good year after year. And because of the new stadium, Johnny has adjusted his swing to become more of a pull hitter, due to that short porch in right. He said that he wants to come back to the Yankees. I think the Yankees should give him everything he wants. If they don’t sign him, who are they going to get to replace him? Johnny is too valuable to this team to let go of.

Anyway, Robinson Cano hit a leadoff homer in the 4th, giving the Yanks a 3-1 lead. The game went into extras, and in the 11th, the Yankees were set up. Arod got plunked in the elbow with 1 out, and he was in an enormous amount of pain. I thought he was going to cry, the poor baby was wincing so much. On his way to first base, he flicked under his eye with his finger. Was he crying a bit? Probably not, but there is nothing wrong with that if he did cry. I don’t understand why men can’t show any emotion. It makes no sense to me!

Anyway, with Arod on first, Posada singled, and Cano came up. Cano was not trying to hit a homer; he knew that all they needed was a single. He hit a ball all the way to the wall, I thought it was a homer, but it went off the wall. Arod scored, and the Yankees won the ballgame in 11 innings! Cano got pied, and all was well for the Drama Club yesterday.

... after Cano's game-winning single in the 11th gets the Stadium jumping.

A happy, clean Cano celebrating the win.

What a game! Again! The heroes for the victory are Robinson Cano, for the walkoff single, Johnny Damon for coming up with 2 timely hits, a double and a homer, which added up to runs, and Chad Gaudin, for making a nice impression on New Yorkers and for picking up his first win as a member of the Drama Club. I wish you many more to come, Chad. The Red Sox won, so the Yankee lead remains at 5.5. I hope the Yankees continue playing well, because my 16th birthday is on Sunday, and I really want them to win for me! GO YANKEES! I LUV U!

Cano’s first taste of Victory pie.

A pie-covered Cano. Look at A.J’s face. You can tell he wants to laugh, but he has to remain angry. I love that man! He adds so much character to this team!





  1. matttan7

    That’s right a pie in the face from AJ Burnett to Robinson Cano. I found that quite fun. I hope this isn’t the last time Burnett throws a pie at a game winning player’s hit. That was an awesome way to win the game. Too bad some Yankees got hurt before, but I’m sure they’ll come back soon.

    Matthew Tang

  2. thekfny28

    Hokay, if you want to keep using it, God bless and go forward, don’t let the man (me) get you down.

    It’s gonna take a while for me to do the nickname post because I’m very distracted today, I’m thinking about somebody and… so I’m going to take a while.

    -Momma said knock you out

  3. Jane Heller

    The Yankees have to win on your birthday, Virginia! I really hope Chad will come through and pitch more efficiently than he did last night (40+ pitches in two innings?). The Yanks didn’t win on my birthday, so I’m really hoping you have better luck with them!

  4. feverspell

    Alex definitely looked like he was in a lot of pain, and said later that his hand was numb. There’s a lot of nerve endings in the elbow and if you get there in just the right spot, it can make your whole arm go dead. He had a scheduled off-day today anyway so I doubt he’ll be in the lineup, same with Derek Jeter. CC may have to win with the D lineup behind him, but I think he can pull it off.

    As for the team as a whole, they are doing what they need to do to win games. I want 100 victories this season and we need 29 to go. If that means blowing teams out, so be it. If that means walk-offs in extra innings, so be it. The team is hungry, they want to win. So let them.

    And AJ needs to invest in some pie tins for the whipped cream – he’ll get more splatter and therefore more impact that way.


  5. JQuist

    *These late-game wins are what it’s all about. If you can’t win by blowing a team out of the water, you have to find a way to win the games that “should” be losses. That’s exactly what we’re doing this season… I think I’ve typed the word ‘walk-off’ 8,465 times this year. Looking forward to number 8,466…

  6. utleyeveryday

    Wow. Can they just win one in a boring 4-1 type game? It’s gotta be good to keep coming out on the winning side of those nail biters. If they can heal their multiple contusions, and stay hot late in the year, we’ll (The World Champion Philadelphia Phillies) will be seeing you in the WS. Bring your batting coach, Cliff Lee is kind of good. And Pedro???? Heeeee’s baaaaaaack!


  7. jesskcoleman

    The Drama Club strikes again!! The Yankees face something very critical right here. You showed the pictures of Jeter and A-Rod getting hit. I think that if they feel any soreness at all tonight, they should not be starting. With CC on the mound, you can afford a little less offense. Its really important to protect these guys right now, with the light at the end of the tunnel beginning to appear. The Red Sox also lost today, so its not the end of the world if you lose. I really hope Girardi is careful with these guys, we need them down the stretch.

  8. crazy19canuck

    Hey girl!
    Just wanted to stop by and say enjoy the west coast tour! LOL! Wonder how the Yanks will deal with the curse of the west…hmmm…
    My daughter loves your blog btw, she is learning to read, so she loves that it’s all about her beloved Yankees on here! Keep up the great work!

  9. thekfny28

    “This post is amazing. YOU are amazing.”

    =O Why Virginia, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were coming on to me!

    I come up with those nicknames quickly, they just come to me, so, I’m glad you like ’em.

    -Disgruntled 12 year old with girl troubles

  10. crazy19canuck

    I saw that – you admitting to thinking Jacoby Ellsbury is cute! Is that not against the code of being a Yankees fan? 😉 LOL!

    You should just make a post of the best looking guys in basbeball and get it over with! 🙂

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