Yankee Bats Sleepless In Seattle As All They Did Was Hit!

Bombers Bang Out 11 Runs, CC Very Strong

The last time the Yankees went out west, they lost every game. They made sure that wouldn’t happen this time. They weren’t exactly The Drama Club last night, but I’ll settle for a blowout. Unlike the last 13-6 blowout vs the Red Sox, this blowout was actually a well played game. The Yankees beat the Mariners 11-1.

Pitching Analysis: CC Sabathia was just incredible. If anybody says the Yankees were stupid to pay CC so much because he is not that good, then either they are just jealous or they need to have their head examined. CC went 8 innings, and 74 of his 105 pitches were for strikes. He gave up 1 run, a 2 out solo shot by Josh Wilson in the 5th, and just 3 hits while striking out 10! It was a beautiful performance by CC. It was a nice way to follow up his great start against Boston. His past 2 successful starts should give him something to build on.

CC was fantastic last night.

Brian Bruney pitched a scoreless 9th. CC gave everyone else in the pen the night off. Pitching was definetely a plus last night!

Defensive Analysis: As with solid pitching, the defense was solid. In the 3rd, Ichiro managed to get a hit with 1 out, but it was quickly erased due to a lovely turned 6-4-3 double play.

Offensive Analysis: It was a fun night to be a Yankee at the plate. 11 runs on 15 hits! In the 2nd inning, with runners on 1st and 2nd with 2 out, Jerry Hairston hit a bloop double, which scored a run. He has done nothing but good things for the Yankees. Another run scored due to a wild pitch. 2-0 Yankees.

In the 3rd, the Yankees scored 3 more runs, thanks to the longball. Jeter hit a leadoff homer, and Matsui hit a line drive 2-run home run. 5-0 Yankees! In the 6th, Jeter singled and scored on a Mark Teixeira double. 6-0 Yankees.

Jeter rounding 3rd after his homer.

The 7th was another big inning for the Yanks. Johnny Damon led off with a double, then Tex walked. After a pitching change, Matsui singled, which scored Johnny. Swish walked to load the bases with 0 out! With 1 out, Melky got an RBI groundout. So with 2 out, Jerry Hairston, or as EJ calls him, “The J-Hey Kid,” got another 2 out hit that scored a run. It was now 9-1! In the 8th, Hideki Matsui hit a 2-run homer to bring the score to 11-1. He had quite a night at the plate!

So the Yankees bats were sleepless in Seattle last night. They got contributions from players up and down the lineup. The heroes are Hideki Matsui, for filling in nicely for Arod in the cleanup spot and going 4 for 5 with 2 homers and 5 RBI, Jerry Hairston for proving he can hit with 2 out, and CC Sabathia, for a fabolous start and for giving everyone in the pen accept Bruney a day off. The Tigers beat the Red Sox last night, so the Yankee lead is now even more cozy at 6.5 games! Yippeeee! GO YANKEES!

**Note** My aunt from Florida and my Grandma from the city are coming to visit me today and will stay for the weekend in honor of my 16th birthday on Sunday. So I might not have time to post or comment, because we will be busy. But I would love to if I could, so I will try to make time, but I’m not making any promises πŸ™‚



  1. thekfny28

    Oh please Virginia, don’t play that game with me. I see you. πŸ˜›

    It was a sweet sweet win, great job by Sabathia. Jerry did pretty well too, and Matsui was beastly.

    Uh oh is right. This is some serious girl trouble, lol.

    -And the suuuuuun will set for youuuuuuuuuu

  2. feverspell

    I do have to admit, I was afraid the bats wouldn’t come alive with so many of our big hitters either hurting or not playing. That, and I felt like we were due for a letdown after the 8-1 homestand against the AL East. So imagine my surprise when we started hitting the ball all over the place.

    Other than the offense, what can you say about CC Sabathia that we probably haven’t both said already this season? He’s a horse. When was the last start of his that lasted less than 7 innings? He’s amazing and I thank the heavens every time he pitches that Cashman got this guy.


  3. ibleedpinstripes

    Sleepless in Seattle – great allusion! I wish I thought of it… Hahaha. Great game last night. I love a good blowout! I’m excited to see what the rest of the series brings. And I hope you have a super fun weekend with your fambam! Happy early birthday! 16 is a good year, trust me! =)

    – Lisa

  4. 2yankeeboy

    I love playing in seattle because we usually beat the Mariners and because there are so many headlines possible! I’m glad the Drama Club could stop being a part of so much drama fro once maybe they have seen the light and won’t go back to relying on walk offs! (although i do love walk offs) I’m still hoping pettitte comes through today like he did against Boston. LETS GO YANKEES!!!!

  5. thekfny28

    You think YOU’RE giving me girl trouble? Pshhh. Don’t flatter yourself, lol. It’s a real life thang. And CC was throwing a great slider to left handed hitters last night, it’s a pitch that sometimes he’ll lose the feel for and hang, but CC was locating it whenever it was necessary. In fact, the last pitch he threw was a nasty slide piece to Ichiro, and he got him to strike out swinging on it. When even Ichiro is struggling to hit your slider, you’ve got it working.

    -Hanley Ramirez

  6. raysfanboy

    Ok, so now I have to be sad. We couldn’t win jack junk out West. YOu guys did it in your first game. Oh maaaaaaan! Thanks for listing my blog here. I’m really flattered and appreciative. It means alot that you think that much of my Rays blog. Thank you again!

    Now, how about a few NY losses? πŸ™‚

  7. 2yankeeboy

    Those sunflower seeds really got on my good side yesterday they took one for the team when we needed them the most! I hope the Yankees win one for you tonight!!! Happy Birthday : )

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