A Win And A Loss

Hey, We Can’t Win’em All.

My little blogging break is over, now that my 16th birthday came and went. It’s nice to be back to blogging about the Yankees, even if I have to blog about a loss. But they did win Saturday. On Saturday they beat the Mariners 5-2, while yesterday they lost 10-3.

Pitching Analysis: On Saturday, Sergio Mitre pitched for us, and I love saying that he performed very well. He really did. He gave up a run in the first on a sac fly, but Cano made an error that made the runner on in the first place. Mitre just allowed 1 more run in the 4th on an infield single by Jack Hannahan. He really did a nice job. I was so proud of him. He won for me!

Good job, hottie!

Yesterday was Joba’s turn, and he did not do too well. He got himself into trouble too many times, and unlike Mitre, he was unable to escape it. In 5 innings, Joba gave up 4 runs on 7 hits and 3 walks. He didn’t have his good stuff yesterday. Alfredo Aceves relieved him, but did not do much better. He allowed 4 runs in 1 & 2/3 innings. Chad Gaudin gave up 2 runs in 1 & 1/3 innings. The pitching wasn’t really there yesterday, but you can’t expect them to be dominant every day, so whatever.

Joba wasn’t too good yesterday.

Defensive Analysis: I don’t really remember anything spectacular or stupid to note about the defense, so I’m sure it was solid as usual for both games. There is one thing: on Saturday’s game in the 7th inning, Jose Molina caught Ichiro at 3rd base, which is always an accomplishment. Go Jose!

Offensive Analysis: On Saturday, the Yankees scored 5 runs, most of them came early. In the 2nd, Molina singled to knock in Cano. Then Jeter knocked one in on a sac fly, and then with 2 outs Nick Swisher hit a 2-run homer, bringing the Yankee lead to 4-1. They got another run late in the game. When the pitching is on, offense is less important. So 5 runs was enough on Saturday.

Yesterday, the pitching was bad, and the Yankees only scored 3 runs, which was not enough. Jeter singled, and Ramiro Pena scored all the way from first! In the 4th, Swisher hit his 20th homer of the year, a 2-run shot which made the Yankees have a 3-2 lead. But the pitching could not hold the lead (cough, cough, Joba) so the Yankees lost 10-3.

Yesterday, Jeter passed Luis Aparicio for the most hits as a shortstop. Way to go, Jeet!

So the Yankees took 3 out of 4 in Seattle. Not too shabby. The heroes for Saturday were Nick Swisher for his homer, and Sergio Mitre for looking sexy and pitching a great game. Although they lost yesterday, the Yankees still have a really cozy 7.5 game lead over the Sox! What is happening to the Red Sox? Whatever it is, I like it! They won for me on Saturday, but they lost on my actual birthday. Hey, we can’t win’em all.

I don’t really care about the loss too much. I had a wonderful birthday despite it. I want to thank all you guys for wishing me a happy birthday. THANK YOU!!!! If I get a chance later, I’ll post some pictures.  




  1. thekfny28

    I already knew what you were going to say, so it’s far too late hun. lol.

    2k is g@@@@y, The Show > it by like a 1000. Trade it in for MLB 09 The Show, very quickly. You’ll thank me later.

    -Dora Dora Dora the Ex-PLOREEEEER


  2. thekfny28

    By the way, I think it’s so cute how you said that AJ Burnett is “a freakin’ beast on the mound”. I mean, come on? Who doesn’t love that? It’s like a 5 year old baby krumping!

  3. feverspell

    I’m glad you had a great birthday, I remember my 16th birthday quite well……11 years ago. LOL I believe I went to see Titanic with some friends while my dad painted my bedroom. Oy, those were the days. I do miss high school, though. Anyway, enough with the trip down memory lane…….

    While we’re all down on Joba for not pitching like we know he can, the real goat of the game was Aceves. He DID give up the 5 run inning to the M’s that put the game completely out of reach. Until then we were only down by 1 run and we’ve come back from that deficit I don’t know how many times this season. As I said over at Lisa’s blog, here’s hoping AJ fares much better.


  4. A.J. Martelli

    Hi Virginia,
    Good blog, this was my first read. It’s nice to hear from another Yankee fan from my area (in your bio it says you are from Cold Spring; I grew up in Beacon!)

    I also liked your HV Renegades blog. I have been meaning to get out to a game this season (my friends and I actually went to one but it rained so we left)

    Check out my blog Yankee Yapping when you get the chance!


  5. thekfny28

    The Show is a thousand times better, I’m telling you. Reviewers say so, I say so… it sucks that you don’t have a Playstation, because The Show pwns.

    Today is my mom’s birthday, isn’t that funny? lol

    My nether regions itch…

    -Bond, James Bond.

  6. raysfanboy

    Glad you had a nice birthday despite the loss. Next weekend is going to be pretty big for you guys, isn’t it? You can put the division away next week. I’m hoping my Rays have a good showing against the O’s so we can maybe leapfrog those Sox in the wild card. Help us out!

  7. matttan7

    Oh well, glad you had a great birthday, despite Joba’s struggles. Hopefully AJ Burnett will turn things around, this was sure a blowout in favor for the Marlins. I hope this turns around tonight!

    Matthew Tang

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