CC leads Yanks to Victory over A’s

CC Has Great Outing, Nice Way To Help Team Bounce Back

Well, they lost 2 in a row, which probably means they are going to go on another 8 game winning streak. Haha. CC pitched great yesterday, and after awhile, the offense picked itself up again. The Yankees beat the Athletics last night 7-2.

Pitching Analysis: CC Sabathia pitched a wonderful game last night. He went 8 innings and gave up 2 runs on 5 hits, and he struck out 7 along the way. He went deep into the game again. Anybody who still thinks the Yankees were stupid to pay him so much is an idiot. CC is worth his weight in gold, and that is saying something!

Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia dominates the A's over 8 innings.

CC is such a work horse.

The only runs CC gave up were solo homers. In the first, after Arod was plunked, CC threw behind Kurt Suzuki. On the next pitch, he homered. That’s not the way it was supposed to happen! Anyway, it was great to see CC protect Arod like that. In the 2nd, the rookie Everidge hit a solo homer. But other than that, CC’s performance was flawless.

David Robertson pitched the 9th. The pitching was fabluous last night. I love CC.

Defensive Analysis: The Yankee defense was solid as usual, but the A’s defense was atrocious. In the words of my younger brother Tommy as he watched the game, “All they do is dive and miss!” That really was true last night! They made 4 errors, and were just sloppy all around.

Offensive Analysis: The Yankees had many chances to score, and they didn’t. But then they found their hitting shoes and began scoring. They got a run in the 2nd, thanks to a Melky double and Jeter knocking him in on an error. 1-1 game now. They got another run in the 3rd. Arod singled and scored on a Posada double later on. 2-2 game.

The Yankees blew the game wide open in the 6th. With 1 out, Nick Swisher doubled. Then Melky came up, and again he had a typical Melky moment. He was hit by a pitch in his cute little butt, which had me screaming for him. But after he got hit, he kind of fell on Kurt Suzuki, and he was in an awkward position on him, kind of like he was trying to mount Suzuki or something. It was hysterical. I was laughing, and they got a shot of the whole Yankee dugout. Joba, Mitre, (sexy!) Jorge, Cano, Tony Pena, everyone was laughing and making fun of Melky. When Melky was finally on his feet, he started to chuckle. And wouldn’t you know, this little Melky moment may have sparked the team.

Oh, Melky.

Following Melky’s at-bat, Jeter singled to give the Yanks a 3-2 lead! Then Johnny doubled to score Melky. Tex and Arod walked, Matsui singled, and Jorge got a sac fly. By the end of the inning, it was 7-2 Yanks. That’s the way it wound up.

Jeter had 3 hits last night…AGAIN!

It was a fun game last night. Great pitching, a big offensive inning, and Melky having a Melky moment. The heroes for the win are CC, for having another great start, Jeter, for having 3 hits for the 3rd game in a row, and Melky, for sparking the team by just being himself. I love him πŸ™‚ The Red Sox (smelly Sox) won, so the Yankees’ lead remains at 7 games. Tonight Chad Gaudin makes his first start as a Yankee, and we wish him luck. GOOD LUCK! AND GO YANKEES!!!

Johnny and Swish. Which is the bigger idiot? I love these guys.



  1. matttan7

    CC Sabathia was great. Sometimes a batter who has been thrown behind at, gets revenge with a home run, and Kurt Suzuki smacked one out. The Yankees had enough offense to overcome that though, so I’m glad this win came by. I hope the Yanks can take another game from the A’s

    Matthew Tan

  2. Jane Heller

    I love CC, too. He seems like such a good guy (not to mention a fantastic pitcher). I couldn’t believe when he almost got smacked in the face by that line drive, but he took care of it like it was a measly little fly! Great win and now it’s up to Chad Gaudin (gulp) to hold the A’s down. Please let him do a good job.

  3. ibleedpinstripes

    Great stuff. Too funny. I was rolling when they cut to Tony Pena and everyone in the dugout laughing hysterically. And I liked the little A-Rod giggle after CC threw behind Suzuki. The next pitch, not so much. But we got the win, and I’m happy! Derek was amazing. Jorge came through for once. All was well in Oakland for us Yankee fans!

    Btw, J-Dames & Swish may be idiots, but Swish is MY idiot

    – Lisa

  4. TribeTed

    That was funny how CC through at Suzuki. He tried to hit him, but not hurt him so that is respectable. You know he did, because a batter’s first reflex when a ball is coming is away from the plate, so if a pitcher throws one behind them, they will back into it. IT is just physics. πŸ™‚

  5. feverspell

    CC is a horse. Both he and AJ go so deep into games, it spares our pen in a way we haven’t had in a long time. The more starts we get from him like this the better. A couple points:

    — I like the retaliation for Alex getting hit. He did it the right away; a nice message pitch right behind the back.

    — The Melky rodeo moment was hilarious and watching the dugout crack up was great. Even Kenny and Flash thought it was funny, but no one thought it was funnier than Harold Reynolds and Mitch Williams.

    — It was great seeing the offense open up there in the 6th, hopefully we can expand on that.


  6. thekfny28

    Kurt Suzuki looks like he’s taking it from behind. I can’t tell whether that’s hilarious or slightly disturbing.

    Anyway, nice win, but we gotta worry about the Rangers, they’re in a tie for the Wild Card again.

    -EJ the Kid From New York

  7. Kaybee

    Wow, sounds like a great game!! So cool that the Yankees won. Huh, yeah, Gaudin needs all the luck you can give him. Man, I hope he doesn’t totally blow it like he used to do with the Padres. I guess we’ll just have to see…but don’t expect too much πŸ™‚

  8. matttan7

    Virgina, the Yankees won in the West Coast again after losing two straight to the A’s and M’s. Let’s hope the Yankees can make it two straight again before heading to Fenway Park. It should be a good one.

    Matthew Tan

  9. thekfny28

    Virginia, of course I must think like that. I am a pre teen boy. We think like that. Melky’s alright.

    Let’s go Rangers, my second favorite team.

    Tomorrow I’m going to debunk myths on the Yankees. Thoughts?

    -Dwight Howard

  10. JQuist

    *The Melky straddle was hilarious, and the win made the day even sweeter. Thanks for getting my back – us Yankee fans have to stick together. We have an entire league of teams that will point to anything the Yankees do differently, to downplay our success. You’re absolutely right – a lot of our talent is homegrown, and just because we cough up the money to keep those players around doesn’t make us the enemy…

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