A Quick Celebrity Lookalike Involving The Yankees’ Next Opponent

I am worried about the Yankees’ momentum heading into the Boston series with the smelly Sox. This off day might screw them up. So, I want to make them laugh and get all pumped for this series. Alrighty then.

The pitcher the Yanks will face tomorrow, Brad Penny, looks a bit like………….


…………..Larry the Cable Guy!

Get’er done Yanks! Beat these smelly Sox for me!



  1. Jane Heller

    Great look-alike, Virginia. It’s a perfect match! Don’t worry about the off-day screwing up the Yanks. They’ll have today to rest up after the long flight and they’ll come out tomorrow night all ready to go. Andy will be fantastic. (Don’t you love my positive thinking?)


  2. devilabrit

    The BoSox will probably be in worse shape, they dont have an off day and there in Toronto, so while the Yankees are relaxing and spreading the good word (sweep) around the BoSox home town the BoSox are trying to get through passport control, baggage claim, customs, so they should be suitably stressed out come game 1 with the Yankees.
    Is he as funny as the cable guy….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  3. jesskcoleman

    The off day was a very good thing for the Yanks. First off, they haven’t had a day off since August 3rd (not to mention they won the next six straight after that off day). Second, they just got back from the west coast and took a red eye flight here today. If they had a game today, they would have been screwed, the probably had trouble staying awake at all today. Hopefully they were able to stay up, but I bet most of them went to bed at around 8 pm ET, so if the game goes a little late tomorrow they might feel a little lagged. Otherwise, this off day was very important for them. Facing Penny is also very helpful, then Tazawa after that. Piece of cake.
    **Check out my new entry on the Joba Rules!

  4. mattwest

    haha nice look-alike. You guys will have no problems with the Sox. I bet the Boston area suicide hotlines will be very active lol.

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