The Cuties and Hotties of Baseball – AL East

There are a lot of players who are “cuties” and “hotties,” so I may have to split this post up into a few smaller posts. As you all know, I love every one of my Yankees, so I’m only going to name a few. EJ, you might not like this post too much.

AL East

New York Yankees

-Melky Cabrera

Melky Cabrera Melky always finds a way to make me laugh. He is a cutie. 

-Francisco Cervelli

Francisco Cervelli  Francisco is just adorable. I love him. He is a cutie.

-Ramiro Pena

Ramiro Pena  He looks like he is a baby. Ramiro is the cutest little rookie.

-Sergio Mitre

Sergio Mitre  Sergio has movie-star good looks. He is classified as a hottie.

-Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira Tex is adorable! He’s perfect! He is a cutie!

Boston Red Sox

-Jacoby Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury  I like the way Jacoby plays the game. He’s cute.

Tampa Bay Rays

-Carlos Pena

Carlos Pena Carlos said he was proud to be a Ray. That was before they were good! Cutie!

-Evan Longoria

Evan Longoria I don’t know, he’s just a cutie.

-Scott Kazmir

Scott Kazmir Cutie! Isn’t he, Ginny? 

Toronto Blue Jays

-Marco Scutaro

Marco Scutaro Marco bounced around from team to team. Now he has a home. He’s a cutie.

Baltimore Orioles

-Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts CUTIE ALERT! I love this guy!!

-Nick Markakis

Nick Markakis Nick is a cutie and a hottie. And a great ballplayer!

-Luke Scott

Luke Scott Another cutie on the Orioles. This team is chock full of them!

-Lou Montanez

Lou Montanez This little rookie is a hottie!


Those are all the cuties and hotties of the AL East. The other divisions will be coming up soon!



  1. thekfny28

    AL Central is coming next, Ted. That was just the East.

    Anyway, I find it disturbing that you describe everybody as a cutie. “Zomg cutie! Another cutie! Cutie alert!”. It’s like, don’t you have a higher amount of vocubalary words to use? “This one’s a hottie!” That’s not really a big difference.

    -EJ the Cutie From New York

  2. thekfny28

    I know what the difference is between cutie and hottie, I’m just saying, expand your vocabulary for God’s sake, lol.

    -P-p-p-poker face

  3. thatbaseballguy

    Well, I’m glad tos ee that some fans are into baseball for the game… just kidding. My sister does the same thing. She’ll ask who’s playing and I’ll tell her. She’ll come over and say hes hot or hes ugly or something like that.

  4. devilabrit

    amusing… there seems to be a difference of opinion amongst the girls here, but just maybe Jeter is a little old for Virginia….my wife says some of them look like they should still be in school, others are cute and still young enough to train….hmmmm
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  5. JQuist

    *Why am I not up there!? Just kidding… (although I do bare a striking resemblance to Jonathon Taylor Thomas in his hay-day.) Anyway – I’m a dude, and posting in this topic is honestly a little weird for me… Most of these guys give me the creeps, but as a woman – you have a god-given right to point out the men you like and the reasons that you like ’em. Don’t get too lovey-dovey on us though – I already had dibs on making you my Yankee wife one day! (Finding a girl who likes baseball is A LOT harder then it seems…)

  6. crazy19canuck

    Virginia – I hope you had fun putting this together! Nice choices all around. I didn’t know there were that many “cute” Yankees. What’s with the “cute” everywhere…guys are always telling me “cute” isn’t a good term to use when describing them. LOL!
    Oh and “cute” isn’t the word I would use to describe Scott Kazmir….


    As for the Rays & Orioles…..who cares?!
    Ellsbury looks like Damon’s long lost ******* son.
    Tex looks like Baby Huey.
    Pena looks like he still wets his bed.
    Melky needs an ESL class.
    Mitre has movie star looks? Yeah, if you watch slasher flicks!
    This guy should have his picture hanging in the post office!

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