It’s Their Turn: Yankees Blownout Miserably By Sox

Yankees Lose In Blowout Fashion, No Pitching Or Hitting

Alright. Yesterday’s game was pretty gross. I didn’t even watch the whole thing. I kept thinking if I watched any more then I would throw up. It was disgusting. Burnett stank and the Yankees stranded everyone on base. And I had to hear those moronic FOX announcers openly cheer for the Red Sox. Couldn’t game 1 have been on FOX, instead of yesterday’s when the Yankees stank for the whole world to see? Ugh. The Yankees lost yesterday 14-1.

Pitching Analysis: All of the Yankee pitchers stank yesterday. Burnett started, and he had his worst outing yet. He went just 5 innings and gave up 9 runs on 9 hits. I don’t want to explain how he gave up the runs because I throw up a little when I think of Red Sox rounding 3rd and touching home. It is repulsive.

I think A.J. is gonna be sick, too.

Alfredo Aceves pitched 2 innings and gave up 3 runs. David Robertson, who looks really cute wearing the high sox, pitched 1 inning and gave up 2 runs. I guess it was just one of those days where nobody can pitch.

Defensive Analysis: The defense wasn’t much of an issue. Most of the time balls were hit in spots where all the defense could do was chase it down.

Offensive Analysis: Although the pitching sucked, the lack of offense is what really made me sick. The Yankees got 12 hits, but couldn’t buy a run. The only run they got was on a homer by Nick Swisher in the 7th. That was it. They had chances to get more, but everyone failed with runners on base. EVERYONE. The team was 0 for 9 with runners in scoring position and they left 13 men on base. I feel sick just recalling it. I don’t get how one night a team bangs out 20 runs, and the next they can’t score. Hey, that’s baseball.

It ain’t easy, Joe. And sitting next to Jeet in the dugout ain’t easy either!

So the Yankees lost, but they still have a 6.5 game lead in the division. I’m still convinced that the smelly Sox cheat a bit in Fenway by stealing signs. I wish someone would comment on my theory. I want to know what people think about that. The Yankee bats are going to be tested today, going up against Beckett. But I believe the Yankees can do it. GO YANKEES!!!

And now for a quick celebrity lookalike. This one invlolves Red Sox manager Terry Francona. It was recommended to me by my brother Bobby. and I must say, it is scary good!

IMAGES HAVE BEEN DIGITALLY DESATURATED) Manager Terry Francona #47 of the Boston Red Sox poses during photo day at the Red Sox spring training complex February 22, 2009 in Fort Myers, Florida  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Terry Francona

…….Terry Francona…..and……


……Heinrich Himmler! AAAHHHH!!!





    Francona & Himmler are more funny than Penny & Larry!!
    Nice job on everything!! Rock on my goddaughter!!
    Love ya…..see you soon!

  2. matttan7

    Ted’s right here, I think the rubber match is more interesting than going for a sweep considering how bad the pitching was for the Yankees. They need to keep Kevin Youklis and David Ortiz, in check tonight.

    Matthew Tan

  3. feverspell

    Virginia, I like that you do the whole “Player X looks like so-and-so”…..but you really crossed the line with the Nazi comparison. I know you didn’t mean to be offensive, but it was. It’s stuff like this that brings the Red Sox trolls out in force and really……you don’t need that nonsense on your site.


  4. Jane Heller

    I have to agree with Beth on the lookalike. It’s fun to play the game but not when you’re comparing someone to a Nazi murderer. As far as the game, pee-euwww. AJ did stink and I really hope the Yanks will come back in force today!

  5. 2yankeeboy

    The worst thing about this game is that I think they scored 13 of their runs with 2outs if we had just gotten that ONE key out it would’ve went into extras or we might have won earlier because our confidence wouldn’t have been down the tubes. The Yankees truly have to come back with force tomorrow, or else the Sox might think they actually have a chance at winning the division! And btw I don’t think the pictures were “offensive” it’s just true that they look alike whats so bad about that?

  6. southernbelle

    Raymond: Hey-hey-hey! Thanks dude! About Girardi and Java man, that’s a bit derogatory. It’s ok to be derogatorty towards the enemy (the Red Sox) but I don’t know about Girardi. Maybe the next time he does something stupid I’ll use that! Can’t wait to see you!
    PS: Did you see my entry of the cuties and hotties of baseball? I think you should. 🙂
    Love, Virginia

  7. heartruss

    Virginia, I know you didn’t mean anything by your look a liike. Does everyone realize you are sixteen years old.? I figure you probably saw that picture in one of your history books and drew the comparison. I enjoy your blog very much. You take a pleasant light hearted look at baseball and seem to remember that baseball is a sport, not life or death. Sometimes I cross that line when I take things too personally. I actually went through a depression when my Dodgers were slumping so badly. So keep on writing your wonderful blog. You remind me of what it was like to be a teenager again. Love you. Cat

  8. feverspell

    //Does everyone realize you are sixteen years old.?//

    I know how old she is, I just wished her a Happy Sweet Sixteen last week. However I don’t see what that has to do with anything. I responded to a comment she made about this on my site, but to make a long story short……the Nazis and my father’s side of the family were personally acquainted, so I have my own reasons for finding that distasteful.


  9. southernbelle

    Cat: Thank you. He was in my book last year!
    It means a lot to me that you enjoy my blog. Thank you. I love your blog, too! -Virginia


    The next time Girardi does something stupid? Watch the game tonight…it won’t take long!
    Don’t worry about these over sensitive ******** bitching about Himmler. History can’t be changed, they need to get over it and you just use your 1st amendment rights the way our Founding Fathers intended!!

  11. feverspell

    //Don’t worry about these over sensitive ******** bitching about Himmler. History can’t be changed, they need to get over it and you just use your 1st amendment rights the way our Founding Fathers intended!!//

    What an absolutely ignorant statement. Let me explain something to you, when you do research on your family tree and find that members of your great-grandfather’s family were murdered by Nazis because they were Catholic and had convictions and would not allow themselves to be swayed into joining the Party, you find jokes about the Nazis extremely unfunny. So no, I will NOT get over it.

    For the record, no one here told her to remove the comment, no one here told her to censor herself. She posted something, we commented on it. That’s free exercise of speech, Mr. Constitutional Scholar. Had we told her to take it down or if MLBlogs took it down, THAT would be an abridgement of 1st amendment rights. Next time you opine on the Bill of Rights, make sure you actually know what you’re talking about. I took 2 1/2 years of Constitutional Law in college…..did you?



    Actually, I’ve taught Constitutional Law for much more than 2 1/2 years! That period in the history of man was dark and horrific. It never should have happened and we must see to it that it never, ever happens again. I am sorry about your family’s history with the Nazis.
    However, complaining, whining inane drones like you are
    ruining this country from the inside out. By the way, nice use of “opine.”

    I always say; if you don’t like what you see or hear, change the freakin’ channel!

    Now, can we get back to baseball?

  13. ibleedpinstripes

    Iiiiiick. Yesterday was a nightmare… actually a daymare since it was a 4:00 game. I can’t wait to forget about it. I felt bad for AJ. I still do. Tonight will be different (and in our favor), I can tell you that much! =)

    As far as everything else: can’t we all just get along? =(

    – Lisa

  14. 2yankeeboy

    I think you are taking this a bit too personally, Beth. It obviously wasn’t meant as an insult to any of the many people killed by Nazis. And joking about them isn’t offensive. If it were offensive to anyone it would be to the nazis themselves!

  15. feverspell

    //I think you are taking this a bit too personally, Beth. It obviously wasn’t meant as an insult to any of the many people killed by Nazis. And joking about them isn’t offensive. If it were offensive to anyone it would be to the nazis themselves!//

    I can understand where you’re coming from, it’s just that in my family……this isn’t funny. I understand that one person’s sense of humor may not be someone else’s and if you notice, I didn’t tell her to remove it. I just voiced my displeasure with it and got called an “over sensitive ********” for my trouble. Which was uncalled for, but it’s the internet….what can you do?

    At least the Yankees won, so hopefully that will lay the happy down on everyone!


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