Flirting With History

Pettitte Goes For Perfecto

They were definitely the Drama Club last night. I thought last night’s game would be a Yankees Classic. I thought I was going to see history. I thought I was going to cry when Jerry…..(sigh)…poor Jerry. Poor Andy, but more poor Jerry. But you know what? We won. It’s okay. The Yankees beat the Orioles 5-1 last night.

Pitching Analysis: Andy Pettitte is the story. First inning, 1-2-3. 2nd? 1-2-3. 3rd? 1-2-3. How about the 4th? 1-2-3. 5th? 1-2-3. You’ve gotta be kidding me? Alright. What about the 6th? 1-Hairston made great play for 2-3. What about the 7th? Oh, the 7th. I don’t like this part…Jerry..(sigh)…now just a no-hitter….now not even that…(sigh)…it was heartbreaking….my heart is broken….I feel bad….for..Jerry….more than…anyone!

Andy pitched beautifully.

I need to pull myself together. It probably wouldn’t have happened anyway. Andy pitched 8 innings, 6 & 2/3 perfect, but gave up 2 hits and 1 run. Bruney started the 9th, but let it get messy. Mo was called upon, and he got his 37th save. Andy was fabulous. He was mixing his pitches very well, and his curveball was too good! It’s a shame Andy didn’t get the perfecto, but he pitched a helluva game for the win, and that is what really counts. You will always be perfect in my mind, Andy. šŸ™‚

Defensive Analysis: Everyone was on their toes and ready to do anything to save the perfecto. In the 6th with 1 out, Matt Wieters hit a slow roller that was almost bunt-like. I was like, “No! This is it!” But then Jerry came into the picture. He barehanded it, and fired a strike to Tex for the out! “Wow!” I thought, “Jerry, you saved the game! If he does it, it’s because of you!” Ehh…In the 7th (gulp) with 2 out, Adam Jones hit a sharp grounder right at Jerry. I said “Yeah!” when I saw it off the bat. And then..I don’t know what happened…Jerry..just…missed it…He was right there…ready to make the play…but the ball….went through his legs!….Andy was heartbroken, although he tried to conceal it on the mound…Jerry just flicked the ball back like nothing happened…when you could tell that he was on the verge of tears…I almost cried for him. The next batter, Nick Markakis, singled. Now the no-no was gone, too. If Jerry would have made that play, who knows what I could be writing about now.

Jerry Hairston, filling in for A-Rod at third base, botches this routine grounder, costing Andy Pettitte (below) a shot at a perfect game.

God, why did you do this to Jerry?

Hairston was filling in for Alex Rodriguez at third base.   Yankees starting pitcher Andy Pettitte can't believe he loses his perfect game after Jerry Hairston (below) makes an error with two outs in the 7th inning.

Offensive Analysis: The Yankees were quiet until the 3rd, when Nick Swisher led off with a solo homer. In the 5th, Cano led off with a double, and then Swish doubled to score him. 2-0 Yankees, all thanks to Swish. Thanks Swish!

Swish Nicker.

In the 8th the Yankees got some insurance runs. Jeet led off with a double and scored on a single by Johnny. Tex singled. With 2 out, Cano doubled, scoring 2 runs. 5-0 Yankees. They wound up winning 5-1.

Jerry’s error was huge, I’m not going to lie. He is going to feel guilty for that for a long time. It was SO cute how after that inning, everyone in the dugout went over to console Jerry, inculding Girardi, who put is finger on Jerry’s chin and told him to keep his chin up. They were all so cute and sweet to him. I love this team. I love them. I have never felt this way about a Yankee team. I love every man on it. And they seem to all have a special bond with each other. This is a playoff team. I can feel it. They have the team attitude to go all the way.

The heroes for the victory are Andy Pettitte, for obvious reasons, Nick Swisher, who quietly had a great day at the plate, and the Yankee team, for trying to pick up Jerry’s spirits. Although it probably did not work, Jerry had to feel a little better that everyone cared. The Smelly Sox who cheat at Fenway did not play last night, so the Yanks gained 1/2 a game and now have a 6.5 game lead. GO YANKEES!!!! I LOVE YOU, JERRY!!! ā™„ā™„ā™„

**Note** Tomorrow I return to school. 11th grade. I have school Wed and Thurs, but I’m off Fri and Mon. I will try to blog either from school or at home after school. School is not going to tear me away from doing what I love. I will keep the blog going. I feel that it is my duty to. Thought I should just let you all know. šŸ™‚



  1. TribeTed


    You have to be perfect to throw a “perfect” game.

    Your defense has to have your back the whole game:

    not the case with the ball going through Hairston’s legs.

    At least the Yanks won.

    I always jinx no hitters and perfect games when I watch them – that’s why I just think about it instead of saying it.

    One time my friend was like: “Wakefield is throwing a no-hitter!”

    And then guess what happened?

    He gave up a hit.

    Its amazing how things can go one way when you don’t say anything:

    And can turn on you when ya do.

    It’s just sports: and it is fun!

    Yankees are a-rollin.


  2. ibleedpinstripes

    Many sighs were let out after that E5. There’s no way I’m gonna be mad about it, though. That would be mean. =l Great stuff from Andy. Pretty much pitched the game of his life!

    I go back to school tomorrow too. Ugh. But at least Frankie’s back up in the bigs! Woo! I was excited for roster expansion this year just because of who could possibly come back up. Good stuff!

    – Lisa

  3. feverspell

    The error was annoying, but it would have been far worse had it cost us the game. We were rolling by the point so it wasn’t really anything to dwell on.

    The offense was great and it was nice to see the Yanks pick Andy up after that and pad the lead. Cushions are always nice.

    Good luck with school – I remember when I was a junior in high school. Way back in 1998.


  4. Buz

    I’m sure Andy and the Yanks had a little deflation after the Hairston gaff. But, that’s why they call them “Perfect Games” and also why there aren’t very many of them. The game is more difficult than it looks from a TV screen. One moment of lost concentration from any player (or ump) on the field and the “Perfecto” is… Poof!

    Buz –

  5. Kaybee

    Aw man, what a tough error for Jerry. I love him just because he’s Scott Hairston’s brother and they both are really cute. But that is so cool that all his teammates got behind him and picked him up. That’s great. I am so sorry that you have to start school šŸ˜¦ Well, work hard, and try not to daydream about the Yankees too much during class šŸ˜‰

    Ummm, how bout you email me with the address I have on my blog under contact me and I’ll connect with you on Facebook thought that šŸ™‚

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