My Poor Baby…

Mitre Struggles In Yankee Loss

I really feel bad for him. I really thought he would have a nice outing. You all know how I feel about him….this was just awful for me to watch. Seriously, I was close to tears. My history teacher told me that he thought “Mitre just pitched himself out of New York.” Can you imagine what I was feeling when he said that? Ugh. The Yankees lost last night 10-4.

Pitching Analysis: Sergio Mitre was…(gulp)…not..good…It pains me to say that. Mitre struggled. He went 5 innings and allowed 7 runs on 8 hits, and 4 homers. I thought he would do well because he got out of the 1st inning unscathed. And he had a scoreless 2nd. But then….that dreaded 3rd…the 2-run homer…then with 2 outs a solo homer….you can imagine how I felt….

My poor baby…what a rough game…I still love you.

Ramirez, Melancon, and Dunn finished out the game, each of them giving up a run. The Yankee pitching was not good last night at all. I’m sorry, Sergio. I still love you. (♥)

Defensive Analysis: The defense was fine as usual, but there was a different kind of defense in last night’s game involving Jorge Posada.

Posada has words with Barajas before the brawl. (CLICK PHOTO TO VIEW COMPLETE GALLERY)

Cranky Jorge.

Barajas argues his case and later says: "(Posada) saw where Jesse was and he threw an elbow and that's what triggered the whole situation. I knew where Jesse was and I didn't know if (Posada) was going to do anything or say anything, but I just kept my eye on it, hoping nothing would happen. Unfortunately something did."

Barajas is getting testy…

... as both benches clear and a melee ensues.

Whoa! Benches clear. And look who the first guy I see is…Cervelli! Right in the middle of the picture. I hope I see more of him now that Jorge is in trouble.

... as Yankee ace CC Sabathia, one of the players Girardi likely wouldn't want to see hurt in a brawl, throws his weight around to pull his catcher out.

Big CC had to restrain Jorge. I’d hate to get on CC’s bad side…he might eat me!

Some Blue Jays were hit, and then Posada was thrown behind, and he was cranky, which led to what you saw above. Pretty silly. I like brawls against the Red Sox. Those are fun because they mean something. But the Blue Jays? Come on. No rivalry there. I just hope everyone is okay.

Offensive Analysis: The Yankee offense annoyed me last night. The Yanks out-hit the Jays. The had 15 hits. Halladay was not at his best, and the Yankees could not do anything. They failed to get the big hit. It was disgusting. They had chances to score, but they didn’t. What really annoyed me was that the Blue Jays were on a home run frenzy, but the Bronx Bombers failed to bomb. I don’t get it….

Last night was not one of the Yankees’ greatest nights. And it was not the greatest night to be a Yankee fan. I was all excited to see my baby pitch, and he was bad. The offense struggled. And the Smelly Sox who cheat at Fenway won, so now the Yankee lead is 6.5. 6.5. I guess I don’t have too much to complain about. We still have a cozy lead. And even though he stunk, I still got to stare at Mitre. Hm. I guess it is okay. They have to lose sometimes. They just better win tonight. I don’t have too much work, so I am planning on watching the whole game nice and relaxed. Make it a good one for me, boys! GO YANKEES!!



  1. feverspell

    I love baseball brawls, as long as no one on my team gets hurt. There’s something about watching the bullpen pitchers stream in from CF that is equal parts horrifying and hilarious. One thing I would like to see the MLB adopt is that during an NHL game, if a fight breaks out on the ice, the benches can’t clear. If any player leaves the bench to join the fight, the team is sanctioned VERY heavily. I’d like to see something like that enforced with this sport. I can understand the dugouts clearing because one team will be at a man disadvantage, but they need to lock the bullpen down. That’s just ridiculous.


  2. TribeTed

    Brawls show the true emotion, and feelings of baseball.

    It brings out the best moments “Nolan Ryan whooping people.”

    I love it. But the Youk – Porcello brawl was the best.

    Rick just took Youk down to the ground. 😉

    Funniest thing ever.

    I think Jorge actually handled it well,

    it was very unsportsmenlike,

    but the Blue Jays threw at Jorge with every intention on hitting him, and that was wrong.

    But it wasn’t smart to actually fight,

    they were putting their bodies on the line,

    the one Blue Jays pitcher had a knot on his head,

    and I think Girardi had a bloody ear?

    Not cool…

    Good luck with everything, I hope you keep winning.

    Ted’s Take

  3. ogie

    HaHa. Baseball players shouldn’t fight! The only worse sight is basketball. They look like a bunch of old ladies holding each other back, and threatening with mean looks and finger pointing. Just once I’d like to see em square off and go. If not stay in the dugout. Embarrassing!


    To the dude who said the Yankees and Toronto have no rivalry. You may talk us down now, but how many teams have won 2 worlds series in the last 20 years.

    Even out the parolls and see what you guys have. We’ll be back dude!

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