An Odd, Exciting, AWESOME WIN!!!

These Yankees Amaze Me

This entire postseason has been so much fun. And last night? Just another crazy “walkoff” win from the Drama Club. I was so tired when it ended. The time on my clock as I climbed into bed was 1:37 am. I was beyond exhausted. I had the PSAT, and then that game. It was insane. The Yankees beat the Angels last night/this morning 4-3.

Pitching Analysis: A.J. Burnett was dominant. His stuff was naaaaaaasty. Molina caught him again, and mixed his pitches very well. Once again, the usually-explosive Angel lineup could barely amount to anything. They scored 2 runs off A.J. Acutally, if you think about it, A.J. beat himself last night. He’s just too good! In the 5th, things got a little messy. A.J. just could not control that curveball. There were hit batsmen and wild pitches. The Angels only got 2 hits that inning, but those hits plus A.J.’s wildness added up to 2 runs, and a 2-2 game.

The bullpen did a magnificant job last night. They went over 6 innings, and allowed just 1 run.  Coke, Joba, Hughes, Mo, Ace, Marte, and Robertson all pitched last night. Only Aceves gave up a run; an RBI single by Figgins in the 11th inning. The bullpen guys were the heroes last night. and A.J., too. He really pitched a great ballgame. He received a lovely ovation when he was taken out. He deserved it.

A.J. Burnett acknowledges crowd after pitching innings, allowing three hits and two earned runs.

A.J. heading back to the dugout…but he will emerge later with a pie…

Defensive Analysis: The defense was uncharacteristically sloppy last night. Jeet made an error and Cano made 2. But unlike the Angels the night before, the Yankees were able to win despite the bad “d.” Oh, and Johnny Damon made another fine play last night in the 9th.

Robinson Cano bobbles ground ball for error in seventh, one of two miscues for Yankee second baseman.

The bad “d.”

Johnny Damon makes grab Saturday night but will he haul in new contract from Yankees?

The good “d.”

Offensive Anlaysis: The Yankees had a little trouble with runners in scoring postition last night; in fact they were 0-8 in those situations. But they managed to get the BIG hits when they really needed them. In the 2nd, Swish drew a 2-out walk, and Cano tripled him in, giving the Yankees a 1-0 lead. In the 3rd, Jeter hit an opposite field solo homer to give the Yanks a 2-0 lead.

In the 11th, the Yankees were trailing 3-2 , and the Angels sent out Fuentes to pitch. Arod was to lead off the inning, but there was no way I was going to expect him to be clutch again. How ignorant of me. With an 0-2 count, Alex got a high fastball, and he smashed it into the right field seats for a GAME TIEING HOME RUN!!!!! GOD do I love that man?!!!!!!

Alex Rodriguez rounds bases as his line-drive homer ties score in 11th before Yanks pull out Game 2 in 13th.


It seemed like the game would never end. The Yankees kept getting runners on, and they kept stranding them. So in the 13th when Jerry Hairston led off with a pinch-hit single, I didn’t think much of it. Gardner then bunted him over, and Cano was intentionally walked to get to my man Melky, the Yankee who has received 3 pies this year. “Stupid move,” I thought. But Melky hit a sharp grounder to second baseman Izturis’s left, and I was like, ‘Oh, no! Melky, no!” But Izturis, the same guy the stupid FOX annoncers were praising the whole game, threw to Aybar at second, and threw it wild! The ball was heading into foul territory. Jerry hustled around third, headed for home, and SAFE! JERRY SCORES! THE ANGELS DEFENSE SCREWED UP! AND THE YANKEES WIN!!!!!!!!!!

Hairston cheers after scoring the winning run as a dejected Angels catcher walks off the field.


Jerry Hairston Jr. scores the game-winning run in the 13th inning early Sunday.


The Yankees warm up the Bronx with another postgame celebration, mobbing Jerry Hairston (17) after 13th-inning win that sends Bombers to West Coast up 2-0 in ALCS.

Jerry gets tackled by his teammates.

Hairston gets the celebratory pie-in-the-face from Burnett.


It was cute seeing Jerry get pied. Even though Melky hit the ball, Jerry deserved it. It was great. Burnett used the direct approach this time. Usually, he sneaks around behind the player as they are getting interviewed. But this time, he approached Jerry head-on. He paused and showed Jerry the pie, and then smushed it in his face. Taste good, huh Jerry?

I loved this game! The heroes are Arod, for keeping the Yankees alive, the Yankee pitchers, for also keeping the Yankees alive, and Jerry Hairston, for running hard and winning it for us. The Yankees head to California up 2 games to none, and they have to be feeling pretty good about things. I know I do. These Yankees never give up. They have that mentality. And they have that Yankee Stadium Magic, and the best fans. They are lucky to have all that. And I’m so lucky to have them. GO YANKEES! I LOVE YOU!

It's another windy night in the Bronx. Game time temperature is a blustery 47 degrees.



  1. devilabrit

    It was definately long..but i thought AJ looked old and sick last night, even though he pitched a pretty good game except for the 5th of course… then when Johnny Damon caught that Abreu fly ball down by the left field pole, it almost looked as if he was affraid of the ball, it was just the look on his face seemed funny…but it was a win so worth you staying awake for…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  2. Jane Heller

    First of all, congrats on getting through the PSAT. I know you’ll come through it with great “stats.” And what a game. The Drama Club gave us enough drama to last a long, long time. I’m so glad there’s a day off today. I’m sure the players are glad too. I just hope they can keep the pressure on, even though they’ll be in Anaheim where things are sure to get more difficult.

  3. feverspell

    I thought the game would never end. It felt like it was going to come down to either an error or a HR. It wasn’t going to be single, single, sac fly or something. I’m just glad it ended before 3 am. Any longer and I was going to flat-out pass out.

    I thought AJ pitched pretty well, aside from that one bad inning. That being said, he held the Angels to only 2 runs, which is no easy feat. I think all our pitching did very well, even Aceves. He had the yips, but at that hour I wasn’t expecting perfection. Everyone was exhausted.

    Including our offense, apparently. I hope it wakes up soon, Weaver and Kazmir are no slouches.


  4. jesskcoleman

    I just took the PSAT too, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I don’t have a facebook but I’m thinking of making one. I must say that the first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful pictures you have from the game. Nice.
    — NYColeman

  5. heartruss

    Thank goodness your PSAT is over. Your Yankees are doing so well. I am very vocal about the fact I want the the Angels to lose!! Being in California, I get a lot of heat for that. I was at work while the game was being played and thought about you and Jane, but especially how late the game was. I saw a few parts of it in the xray department on their big screen tv. Your Yankees looked great but what a stressful game. 2-0 and back to Anaheim. Congratulations.

  6. crzblue2

    I love your term “The victory pie” LOL.
    congratulations on getting through the PSAT!!
    And congratulations on a hard fought win!
    On to warmer weather and your boys play early tomorrow.
    Can you believe all the errors and that the Dodgers are the only team that have not committed any errors but my boys sure got spanked tonight. Hopefully Wolf will restore order tomorrow.

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