Anger, Nerves, and Everything Else

Yanks Lose Game 1 of WS, And I Am Pissed

Frickin’ frickin’ frickin’ WHY? HOW? AAAHHH!!! This is NOT what I expected, NOT what I invisioned, NOT WHAT I DREAMED OF!!! (….-breathe in, breathe out-….you can do this….soon the nightmare will be over…game 2 is in a few hours….when they win, you can calm down…..everything will be okay….) -SIGH-. Okay. Obviously, I was a bit effected by the loss last night. I spent my study hall this morning writing in big, bold letters: P H U C K THE PHILLIES-GO YANKEES! I’m sorry to you Phillie fans out there. But I just couldn’t take it. The Yankees lost to the Phillies 6-1.

Pitching Analysis: CC Sabathia was not CC Sabathia last night. The numbers don’t look too bad: he went 7 innings and allowed 2 runs on 4 hits and struckout 6. But I don’t think he pitched well. He fell behind to a majority of the Phillies, getting himself into 1-0 counts, which is not the way to start. He just didn’t seem right. After he allowed the first homer to Utley in the 3rd, he got a little better. Utley then hit another solo homer in the 6th, and CC was done after the 7th.

CC Sabathia gives up four hits and two runs in seven innings of work in Game 1 of the World Series.

CC tried….aw, I still love you, Hefty-Lefty.

The Yankee bullpen made me almost want to commit suicide last night. (a bit extreme, but you get my point) Phil Hughes started the 8th inning, when the game was still within reach for the Yanks, and totaly eff-ed things up. He allowed 2 runs without even getting an out. What is up with this guy? He carried this team into the postseason, and now that they are here, he can’t help at all! He needs to throw strikes, get ahead, and have that confidence again.

Phil Hughes (l.) walks two and allows two runs in the Yankees' loss to the Phillies.


Brian Bruney also stank. In the 9th, he allowed 2 runs on 3 hits. This is disgusting. Something must be done. -Light bulb goes off- I have an idea! Let Swisher pitch! He’ll probably be better than anyone in the ‘pen, and as of now he hasn’t hit in the postseason, so we won’t miss him in the lineup! It’s the perfect plan!

Offensive Analysis: Well, the Yankee offense really couldn’t do anything off Cliff Lee. They couldn’t even build his pitch count so he could come out of the game. Nope, they couldn’t even do that. Lee pitched a complete game. It was gross.

The Yankees got 1 run in the 9th due to an error by Rollins. Nothing else. Just 6 hits. No walks. They looked dead, no, lost would be a better word. Watching the Yankees at the plate last night was like watching a lost puppy try to find his way home.

I am upset. I am angry. I am nervous. I am worried that everything we’ve done this season won’t matter. Am I foolish? Am I overreacting? Am I jumping the gun a little bit here? I sure hope so. As my fellow blogger Beth, and my history teacher Mr. Sayers said, the Yankees have fallen behind in the World Series before and managed to win. I know that. But I can’t help but to freak out. I can’t help but to panic. I love this team more than anything. They deserve to win.

I pray to the Lord that Burnett and the bullpen are good tonight, and that the Yankee bats wake up. GO YANKEES!



  1. Jane Heller

    Don’t panic! It was just one game. I know it was hard to watch, because we’re so used to seeing the Yanks win, especially at home and especially when they come back in the late innings. But Lee pitched a great game. Can’t blame the hitters for that. And the defense was excellent. CC was certainly good enough to win, even if he wasn’t quite as sharp as he was against the Angels. The bullpen is another story. I like your idea about Swisher!

  2. matttan7

    Game 2 should be fun, Game 1 wasn’t all terrible for the Yankees. I think they’ll turn up a knotch and knock Pedro Martinez off his heels. A 2-0 Phillies lead means “yawn” 1-1 tie will mean excitement so the Yankees should win today.

    Matthew Tang


    Down one game, that idiot Girardi is starting Molina and Hairston instead of Posada and Swisher. Go with who got you there you Neanderthal!

    Phillies will probably be up two games tonight!!

    If they lose this series; he must be fired and then stuffed and mounted above Joe Torre’s fireplace.

  4. feverspell

    To raymond6003:

    Talk about overreacting. Girardi is not an idiot, I’d hate to break that to you. For some unknown reason, AJ pitches better when Molina catches him. I don’t know why. It just is. Greg Maddux had a personal catcher for most of his career, Tim Wakefield had one for the longest time since Varitek couldn’t catch the knuckleball to save his life. When AJ comes out of the game, so does Molina, in comes Jorge. So we only lose his bat for however long AJ goes, and if he’s pitching into the 7th or 8th, clearly it’s working. Nick Swisher needs to sit, he’s been batting atrociously all playoffs. We won, so everything worked out well. RELAX.

    I understand your frustration, Virginia. Game 1 was an epic disaster and it was all on the offense and bullpen. CC pitched very, very well and gave us the performance we knew he would. It was everyone else that let him down. However, he’s guaranteed one more start, maybe two….so he’ll hopefully get a chance to be redeemed.



    Overreacting? Hey Beth, shouldn’t you be in a class somewhere studying constitutional law?
    You have a short memory.

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