A Dream Come True…

They Did It

-Sigh- It’s over. All of it. The championship, the season, the parade, it’s all over now. And I couldn’t be more proud. Sorry I waited so long to cover this amazing story. But I think now I might be able to think about it without crying.

The game itself was great. Andy Pettitte just did what he always did and pitched brilliantly. Joba Chamberlain came out of the bullpen with that fire that made him so dominant back in 2007. And what about Damaso Marte? He really was something else this posteason. In that game 6, he faced two batters: Utley and Howard, and struck them both out on three pitches.

Marte comes through, whiffing Utley. Six outs to go.


After Marte got one out in the 8th, I knew what was coming. I heard that song, you know what song, and I started to get a little bit excited. When Mo comes in, you know it’s over. 5 outs? No problem.

The Yankees scored 7 runs in this win and 6 of them were courtesy of Hideki Matsui. The other was from an RBI single by Tex. And doing off Pedro? Priceless.

The hero - yet again - is Matsui ...

Wow. This could have been Hideki’s last game with the Yanks. I sure hope not. But if so, great job, Godzilla. You will always be remembered, Mr. World Series MVP.

I cried three different times during this game. The first time was when Mo entered the game, because I knew we were going to do it. The second time was when Victorino hit that pathetic grounder to Cano, who fired to Tex for the final out, which led to the celebration. The last time was during that video at the end of the postgame with that “Empire State of Mind” song by Jay-Z with the images of the Yankee postseason. It just reminded me of what they did to get here. And it reminded me that it is all over. The Yankees did it. They did it all. And no one can take that away from them, or from me.

... as he exits the game in favor of Joba Chamberlain.

Oh, Andy. Will we see you again next year? Please say yes 🙂 

The Bombers converge


Bedlam breaks out in the Bronx!  The celebration started at 11:50 p.m., when peerless reliever Mariano Rivera - who else? - forced Shane Victorino to ground out for the game's last out.

Just look at them! Like little boys….

Donning their new World Series Champion T-shirts ...

Hi Cervelli!

... before hoisting into the chilly Bronx air.


Okay I was wrong. I can’t think about it yet without crying. I don’t think I ever will be able to. I mean, they did it. THE YANKEES WON THE WORLD SERIES. I don’t have to worry about when I stole that pen anymore. The curse is over. No more worries about Alex Rodriguez or CC Sabathia in the postseason. Everything is perfect in the world of Yankee fans.

One thing is very sad. The parade was the last time that this great, magical team will be together. Some guys are going to go. It’s sad. I love this team. More than I have ever loved anything. I’ve been with them for the whole ride. It is going to be very hard to say goodbye.

Yankees, I want to say thank you once again. But I think you know by now. I’ll make this quick: I love you all so much. You gave me a great season, a season I will never forget. And I will never forget this special team. Thank you for making my dream come true.


The Yankees opened the old Yankee Stadium in 1923 with a World Series title - and find themselves 27 outs away from celebrating another one in their first year at the new Stadium on Wednesday night.  Take a look at the play-by-play of Wednesday night's game ...



  1. ibleedpinstripes

    =( I hate thinking about the fact that this group of guys isn’t gonna be the same next season. I absolutely HATE it. Even though I wanna be in a good mood because they won it all, I can’t help but be sad because this season is officially over. *sigh* That parade was amazing though. I really wish I could’ve gone. Ugh. 95 more days until we can get back into the groove of things. I just hope 2010 brings us more additions than subtractions to this team!

    – Lisa

  2. feverspell

    I think Cash is going to do the best he can to keep this team together. We have a solid core group of players and I think we can repeat if we keep them. I think we can even if we don’t, but that’s the optimist in me *right now*.

    The game was amazing, the parade was awesome….it was the perfect capper to a fantastic season. I mean, the first year we sign CC, AJ and Mark….we win the World Series. That goes a long way to showing just how instrumental they were in getting us where we are now.

    In Cash we trust. 😉


  3. jesskcoleman

    Your right, it’s a dream come true. Exactly 8 years before the Yankees won this world series, the Yankees lost the 2001 world series in game 7, a night Buster Olney called “The Last Night of The Yankee Dynasty.” 8 years later, we experience “The First Night of The Yankee Dynasty.” Let’s hope it’s true!

    It’s been a great season and thanks for being so loyal to my blog. Should be a good off season and a lot of fun to blog about. There will be a lot of questions and opinions going around. Should be fun!

    — NYColeman

  4. devilabrit

    It still confuses me why a guy with a FOX microphone has to be in on the celebrations…. but it’s always a time when players you like leave and new ones emerge, you just hope that the new ones deliver and give you the excitement as those that were there before them…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  5. Jane Heller

    I guess we will have to say goodbye to Damon or Matsui (or both). Who knows. I’ll be sad to see them go for sure. I only hope whoever replaces them is as good – and fits into the chemistry of the team as well as they did. I love them all!


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