What I Miss About Ace

Alfredo Aceves

So it’s been the offseason for about 5 days now and I’m starting to miss each of my Yankees a little more each day. This always happens to me. But unlike the years of the past, I have this blog now. So I can just let things out. Throughout the offseason, I will be making posts about things I miss about each player, as well as things I remember, and just any random stuff about that Yankee. Let me start with a man they call “Ace.”

Alfredo Aceves

I miss Alfredo! He was so important to our Yankees this year! That 10-1 record was surely something else. He was always there, ready to pitch 2, 3, 4, even 5 innings if he had to. No wonder he had 10 wins in relief. Whenever the starter seemed to be lost and the game seemed like it was getting out of hand, Ace was there. He came in and shut the opponents down.


It seems like Aceves does what he does in a very quiet way. He isn’t the hardest hurler out of the Yankee ‘pen, he doesn’t have the biggest breaking curveball, but he is good. Alfredo Aceves is really, really good, and it is kind of scary. At age 26, Ace is one of these young-guns the Yanks have in their ‘pen, hopefully here to stay for a long while.

Alfredo Aceves Picture 

Ace is also a very cute Yankee. I heard this story about him: He once went to dinner with his wife, and pulled out a guitar and sang to her in Mexican. How cute is that? But his Yankee teammates found out, and wouldn’t let him hear the end of it. They even played it on that giant screen in the outfield and laughed at him! Aw, poor Aceves. Why were they making fun of him? I think that is sweet. He loves his wife!  

I think I have a pretty good celebrity lookalike for Aceves…..

Alfredo Aceves Picture

….Ace, and……..

vin-diesel-picture-1.jpg image by missshavizell

…….Vin Diesel! I have to say, I’m pretty proud of this one.

Alfredo, I’m going to miss you! I’m going ot miss that feeling of relief knowing that when you come in, the other team is going to stop hitting. Have a nice offseason, Ace. 93 days until you and the other pitchers and catchers report! I hope to see you soon! 



  1. jesskcoleman

    Yo chill they look exactly alike! Funny how things just work out in the weirdest way. Those two? Weird.
    I miss Ace to, I was disappointed that the Yankees didn’t go to him to often in the postseason. He was so reliable and a big reason the Yankees made the playoffs. He’s young. A lot is to come out of this guy. It will be a great pleasure to watch him grow on this team. I bet he will become a starter one day.
    — NYColeman

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