The Philthies…I Miss Them

Phil Hughes and Phil Coke

Both of the Philthies were essential in the Yankees quest, and the completion of the quest, for #27. The righty and the lefty, both young, cute, dominant Yankee relievers who should be here a long time, are who I miss most today.

Phil Hughes  

Phil Hughes was arguably the reason the Yankees made it to the postseason. He began the year as a starter, and his numbers were less than flattering. Into the bullpen he went, and he transformed into a different pitcher. Hughes became more confident on the mound, and trusted his stuff. He pounded the strike zone, throwing 96 mph fastballs right by the everyone. Hughes finished the season with a 3.03 ERA and 96 K’s in 86 innings. He was a real beast.

Phil Coke was a huge reason why the Yankees even made it to the postseason. A huge responsibility was thrust upon him this year. Damaso Marte went down with an injury, an injury that was going to take the majority of the year to recover from. So little Phil Coke now had to be the only lefty of the bullpen. He had a huge job. He was the guy that came out of the pen to get out those big lefties, like steroid-monster Ortiz of the Red Sox. Cokey did his job well.

One thing I will never forget about Phil Hughes was that hair. Hughes began the year with a normal crew cut. But as the year went on, his hair grew. And he didn’t do anything about it. It just kept getting longer, and poofier, and it stuck out of his hat in a funny way. It was kind of distracting, and he looked silly. But he was pitching well. So I was like, “Phil, your hair looks funny, but if you keep pitching this well, I’ll grow to love it.”

Phil Coke never did anything weird with his hair. But he does look like somebody…

Coke looks a little like….

…that wrestler! AJ Styles!

Haha. That made me feel a little better. This Yankee withdrawl is slowly killing me. Philthies: Huggies and Cokey, I miss you guys. Both of you were beasts out of the bullpen. I hope to see you as the bridge to Mo for a long time. Enjoy the offseason, and Happy Thanksgiving! 



  1. Jane Heller

    When I first saw the word “Philthies,” I thought you were writing about the Phillies! LOL. I miss all the Yankees, the two Phils included. (I loved Hughes’ long hair, btw.) I hope they all have great Thanksgivings with their families. You too, Virginia!

  2. ibleedpinstripes

    PhilSquared! Ahhh, these entries of yours always make me nostalgic, Virginia! I miss this team so much. College basketball is hardly an excellent substitute, though I love it a lot. I really, really, REALLY cannot wait until 2010, as much as I hate saying that for other reasons. *Sigh* Oh well. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Virginia! Love you!

    – Lisa

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