The #5 Starters…Mitre and Gaudin! I Miss You!

Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin

Sergio Mitre  Chad Gaudin

Yankee fans were unsure about these two. Sergio Mitre was coming off Tommy John Surgery, and Chad Gaudin had 10 losses with the Padres before coming to the Yanks. Both faced criticism at times, but in reality, they did their jobs. They pitched when they had to, and threw quality innings. They were no Sabathia, but they were good enough. I miss Sergio (♥) and Chad.

I remember seeing Sergio pitch in his first game as a Yankee. It was against the Orioles. Just something about him…I don’t even know…I just loved him. Like, really. I fell legit in love with him. From the minute I saw him, I was a fan.


When I first saw Mitre, my jaw dropped because he was friggin’ sexy. When I first saw Gaudin, my jaw dropped because he was friggin’ terrifying! The first time I saw him was in a picture. And he had the freakiest beard! A GIANT RED COATEE!!!

What a difference between he and Mitre! I couldn’t understand why the Yankees got Gaudin. His record was 5-10 at the time, and his ERA was somewhere around 5. But as it turned out, the Yankees won every game Gaudin started! I grew to love Gaudin. See, when a man becomes a Yankee, and I scan that man over with my eyes, I only see good things. To tell you the truth, Gaudin looked pretty darn good in Yankee pinstripes himself!

Lookin’ good.

There is one day that I will never forget. It was Saturday, August 29th, Yankees vs White Sox. It was Mitre’s turn to pitch, and at this time most people were fed up with Mitre. They were saying how he stank and should be traded, or sent somewhere else. But I always believed in Mitre. No matter what he did the start before, I always had a positive attitude for him in his next start. The 29th was no different. But this time, Mitre was magical. He was right on. Sergio Mitre was pitching a perfect game!!! I was so proud of him. He went 4 and 1/3 innings perfectly. Even though the perfecto was over, Mitre was still dealing. But in the 6th, tragedy struck. Mitre was hit square in the forearm by a line drive, which sent me into hysterics. Girardi then took him out, out of this game. It was the game of his life, ended too soon. The crowed gave him a lovely ovation, and so did I as I held back tears. Mitre belonged.

Chad Gaudin proved to be reliable for the Yankees time and time again. He even made it onto the postseason roster! Imagine how that must have felt: Gaudin, a player not many people knew about with sub-par numbers, joined the Yankees halfway through the season, and was dominant enough to make the postseason roster. Even though he didn’t see much action in the playoffs, Gaudin was important. He was available either to start, or to relief. He was a luxury that the Yankees didn’t need to utilize. But it was nice to have him there, just in case they did.

I miss both these guys. But I don’t think I have to worry about them this offseason anymore. The Yankees signed Mitre and Gaudin for next year! I was overjoyed when I heard that. Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin are both here to stay! Hooray!

Sergio, Chad, thank you both for helping my Yanks this year. I’m glad that you will be back. Enjoy the offseason, have a holly-jolly Christmas, and I’ll see you next year! I LOVE YOU!!!



  1. fryingpan

    Hey, I was randomly checking out some blogs and I stumbled across yours. I have to say it’s really awesome and I will be sure to stop by often. Have a happy holiday season, and congrats on getting Javy Vazquez, he should do you guys well.


  2. raysrenegade

    I have known Chad for a while, and during the last series against the Rays he came over and we talked about the different feeling of the Yankee clubhouse in comparision to the 2007 Rays locker room when Chad was here.
    He has always been a guy I wanted to see play great in the league.
    You know he got the attention of a scout by protraying a waiter in a restaurant and his agent was chatting with a scout about how anyone around them could be a potential player.
    Chad went to the table and the agent pointed to him and asked a few questions, then offered a bet to the scout Chad could pitch.
    He got an offer to play baseball 30 days later.
    True Louisiana story.

    Rays Renegade

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