My Melky/Javier Saga

I’ve been missing my boys so much that I haven’t blogged about what the team is doing! I’m sure everyone knows anyway. We got Granderson, Johnson, and Vazquez. I think everyone also knows that Melky Cabrera was my baby and was my favorite Yankee. So you can imagine what this whole Javier thing did to me. But maybe, you can’t.

It was a normal boring Tuesday at school. I had just come out of history class and entered the halls on my way to English. I hear a man call my name, and turn around to see who it was. It was Mr. Ogden! My history teacher from last year, the GUY THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE BRIAN BRUNEY!!! He knows all about me and my Yankee devotion. And he knows of my infatuation with Melky. Ogden quickly broke the news to me.

“Yankees traded Melky.”

I was stunned. At first I didn’t believe him. But then he said it again. And I almost cried right there in the middle of the hallway. As I headed away, my life ruined, he said, “Yeah, we got Javy Vazquez.”

I went to my locker and hid my head behind its door so no one would see if I cried a bit. Ogden’s words kept replaying in my head. “Yankees traded Melky.” How could this happen? I thought he was safe now.

I headed to English, Ogden’s words still terrorizing my mind. But this time, I let them play further: “Yankees traded Melky. Yankees traded Melky. Yeah, we got Javy Vazquez.”

Javy Vazquez? Javier Vazquez? O-M-G. I went back up to Ogden, and asked, “Wait,…Melky is gone, but we…have Javier…again???” Before he could answer, I turned away and let out a big “OH MY GOD!” Here is where the real story begins:

 I was in sixth grade. Javier Vazquez became a Yankee. I didn’t know anything about him…well,…I had his baseball card from when he was with the Expos. I used to stare at that baseball card for God knows how long. I always thought Javy was adorable, but now I could actually see him play! I was happy, to say the least, about this deal. Javier Vazquez was my first crush. Isn’t that cute? Every time he pitched, my eyes didn’t leave the screen for a second. I felt like I was in Heaven looking at him. But this paradise was cut short.

Just look at him!. Friggin’ adorable! This picture just makes me want to hug him.

After ’04, the Yankees traded Javier away, without even consulting me (lol). They had no clue what they just did to me. I was young, about 10 or 11, and I was in love with Javier. AND THEY TOOK HIM AWAY FROM ME. I felt lost. I felt cheated. I felt cut-short; my one year with Javy was not enough. But there was nothing I could do. Javier was gone, and I was forced to move on. How terrible is that? A little girl, forced to get over her first crush. 

It was hard, but I began to leave Javier behind. He left me in ’04, and in ’05, a new cutie came upon the scene. Do you know who this cutie was? Melky. Melky showed his pudgy little face for a short time in  2005, and I loved him immediately. He was such a nervous little rookie! In 2005, I had a new favorite Yankee; a new Yankee I loved. Melky Cabrera was this man. And he remained so for 5 years.

This pic just sums up Melky: Carefree, silly, and on base. I luv him.

Naturally, I was devistated when I heard Melky left. But when I found out Javier was swapped with him, I was happily shocked. This trade was the most bittersweet thing that ever happened to me. I was torn. I lost my sweet Yankee love, for my great love of the past. What is this girl to do? How is this girl to feel? This whole story sounds like something out of a movie or something.

This whole thing is 100% true. I still can’t really believe it. I won’t be seeing Melky again any time soon. No more dancing with Cano and Swisher. No more jumping high five after a win. No more silly, ridiculous things that only Melky can do. But…staring at Javier just might make up for this.

If anyone has any advice on how I should feel about this, please comment. You can imagine how torn I must feel.

Thank you.



  1. ohy22xd

    it’s totally fine if you need to cry since one of your favorite boys left the team. I definitely did that when Jake Peavy got traded. Figured that out when I got back from school and it was the last day of trade deadline. He even signed with the White Sox at the last minute and was taking a nap before he got the words from the general manager. I was crying for an hour! It was so devistating since he won the Cy Young Award one year and pitched for the Padres for eight years. He grew up with the Padres organization since he was 18! When he pitched on his major league debut, it happened to be against the Yankees. Interesting. Although trading favorite players are heartbreaking, it’s part of baseball buisness and fans just have to deal with it and move on. I constantly check other team sites to see any former Padres that I miss are doing ok. You should definitely do that as well. Try going to a game when the Yankees play against a team that your favorite former Yankee is in and welcome him back. It will make you feel better to see your boy again, even though he’s wearing a different uniform. At one point, I couldn’t stand my front office and felt like writing a complaint letter to them for trading three of my favorite players of all time: Jake Peavy, Trevor Hoffman, and Khalil Greene. If David Eckstein gets traded at some point, I would be even more devistating! I’m crossing my fingers to not let that happen. Anyway, sorry for the long comment but I wish Melky nothing but a best in Atlanta. He seemes like a great player that every team wants. Welcome back Javier Vazquez and I’m sure that he can bring something good for the Yankees. By the way, that is so cool that your teachers talk Yankees with you. I think that makes you like going to school šŸ™‚ None of my teachers even like baseball!

  2. Jane Heller

    Virginia, I can feel your torment! I didn’t know Javy was your first love. All I remember about him was how he had a meltdown against the Red Sox in 2004 and I’ve resented him ever since. I, too, was sad to see Melky go. I don’t know how Cano will manage without him, but I know they’ll have fun together in the off-seasons. I guess you’re lucky that you lost a favorite but you gained another favorite.

  3. Kaybee

    Aw man, I’m so sorry!! That is soooo hard!!! Hyun Young pretty much covered our devistation over Jake’s trade, and believe me, we know exactly how you feel. I really hope that the guys you get in return help you feel a little better. When Jake first got traded, I didn’t care who we got in return. I just wanted Jake. But then the guys we got started playing for us and did really well, so I felt a little better. It takes a long time to get over a traded player, so give yourself some time. Hope you feel better soon!!!

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