Mark Teixeira TEX!

It’s been way too long since my last post, and it’s bugging me. I hate school for keeping me away from my friends here at MLBlogs. By the way, I thank you all for helping make this blog #42 on the 2009 year list. Since I only started in July, I’d say that’s pretty good. Thanks everyone for really giving me a home here πŸ™‚

I have written this post in my head, but thanks to good old school, I haven’t had time to write it up and post it. The player I greatly miss right now is Mark Teixeira, and all the quirky things he does.

Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira

Mark is currently one of my favorite Yankees. I think he is adorable. If you closely watch him during the games, you too wilil notice the cute things that he does.

First off, Tex makes….awkward faces when he’s at the plate. When up at-bat, he puts on a blank, almost stupid expression as he gazes into the pitcher. It really cracks me up. But I shouldn’t laugh at this, because it obviously works for him. Tex’s .292 avg, 39 HR and 122 RBI were good enough to win him the Silver Slugger Award. That’s my Tex!

Then when he gets on base, the cuteness continues. He stands there taking his leads, holding his batting gloves. Holding, not wearing. Why? Like he is going to steal a base anytime soon? No offense Tex, but you are not the fastest guy to ever play the game.

Speaking of baserunning, watching Mark do that is hilarious. He takes such short strides, and pumps his arms. But what really gets me is his face! He huffs and puffs; you’d think he runs 100 miles per hour! BUT HE’S NOT! He’s so slow! I just get a kick out of him.


He’s in the zone…

My favorite cute-quirky thing Tex does is when he is manning 1st base. When holding a runner on, he stands with his glove out ready to catch the ball. But…the cute thing…and I mean cute….is that he stands there,…wiggling his butt! He does it all the time, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s some sort of timing mechanism? Haha whatever it is, you can’t help but to notice. My Grandma (who is doing much better now. Thanks for the prayers!) even noticed and asked me if I ever noticed.  Oh, Mark….

Here he is with the Texas Rangers, doing his thing. Whoa…what’s with the tongue? It reminds me of the cutie from my last post…

Haha oh boy…Nick Swisher…oh-so attractive.

I guess I have no right to make fun of Mark for this wiggling thing either. After all, he did win the Gold Glove Award as well this past season. He is really something else.

A World Series-stretch. You’re on the “Mark,” Teixeira!

I was beyond thrilled when the Yankees acquired Mark Teixeira. I didn’t think they would get him, but I didn’t want to give up home. On Tuesday, December 23, 2008 I went on the Yankees website during the last period of the last school day before Christmas break, and this is what I saw: “Hal: No Yanks offers to Tex or Manny.” I was in shock. All I wanted for Christmas was Mark Teixeira, and it said the Yankees didn’t offer him anything. I thought the Red Sox were going to get him. I went home to start my Christmas break, but I wasn’t as happy as everyone else. I was longing for Tex.

How silly of me to have given up. After all, it was Christmas time. Miracles were possible. Later in that evening, my brother went on the computer. He was the first to find out. This is what he saw: “Yanks land Teixeira with eight-year deal.” He yelled upstairs “Virginia, the Yankees got Mark Teixeria!!” And that exclamation sent me off into a period of screaming hysterics, but the good kind. I was on top of the world. My Christmas wish came through. I will never forget that. Thank you Santa!….or should I say Brian Cashman!

Tex, I am so happy to have you with us. I’m glad you will be part of my team for a long, long time. Congrats on the Championship! I hope you are enjoying your offseason You are the perfect Yankee!



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