Robbie Cano! I Miss You

All of my Yankees are adorable. But there is something about Cano that I just love. He’s just so cute!!! I miss Robbie Cano right now.

Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano

We knew from the beginning that Robinson Cano was a special player. But in the 2009 season, I think he really showed his stuff. Robbie hit .306 with a career-high 25 HR and a 85 RBI. He also had 204 hits, the most on the team besides the Great Jeter. And, Cano was extremely durable last season, playing 161 out of the 162 games. I have high hopes for Cano in the 2010 season, since he improved so much in 2009.

There are two things about Cano that endear me most. One of these is his adorable, ADORABLE Hispanic accent. Cano, a native of the Dominican Republic, does speak English well considering everything. Take a look at this sample of his cutness:


The best is when he was with Melky (….sigh… baby). The two were (it pains me to use the past tense…) best buddies. *Idea for future post* I will do a post about Melky and Cano togehter. Anyway, Cano and Melky were cute together. I love how Robbie had to translate for Melky:


Too friggin cute.

The other aspect of Cano that I can’t get enough of is his smile. It is so endearing. Cano’s smile just says “Hi. I’m a little boy who loves baseball and who loves having fun.” So cute:


Cheer up, dude.

Robbie, you little cutie, I hope you are enjoying your offseason. You were such an important part of the 2009 Championship. I hope for even bigger and better things in 2010!

Stay cute 😉



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    In deference to Jane, Cat and you Virginia, and with all due respect, I will not trample your little Cano LoveFest in a manner befitting Godzilla going through Tokyo. : )
    I will just say if his Baseball Maturity catches up with his skill, he could be one of the most lethal players in MLB…he just needs to take his job a little more seriously. He’s learning. Larry Bowa used to keep on him. He needs to do it on his own now. I’m not hatin’…I’m just sayin’.

  2. southernbelle

    Aw, Jane….I think I am going to miss Melky more than Cano…and that’s saying something!

    Oh Cat. No matter how much I fawn about my Yankees, you will always know the truth: I think Andre is the finest speciman of man to ever walk the Earth. -Sigh-….so flawless…

    I do agree, Mike. Sometimes I think Cano is a little….lazy. And Larry Bowa was great with him. Too bad Joe Torre had to take him away, too. Hopefully, Cano will play to his fullest potential in 2010.

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