Oh A-Rod….

A-Rod is the last Yankee player who am dedicating an “I miss you” post to.  He’s that special: a post about Alex is going to be a long one. I’ve been missing Alex all offseason long, but I really miss him today.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

2009 was a thrill ride for the entire Yankee team, but particularly for Alex. With the whole steriod and then surgury incidents, Yankee fans were already counting him out for 2009. Everything changed for A-Rod in 2009. All he wanted to do now was help the team. He no longer had expectations for himself. It was time for Alex to just play ball.

I think it is safe to say that Alex Rodriguez is a magical player. Nothing proved that more than October 4, 2009: the last game of the regular season. Alex went into the game haveing 28 HR and 93 RBI – just a bit short of the stats he was so accustomed to. But in that 6th inning, miracles occurred. Alex hit a 3-run homer, which gave him 29 HR and 93 RBI on the season. I wanted him to get to 30 and 100, but I knew thought it was impossible unrealistic. How naive of me. Later in the inning, Mark Teixiera was intentionally walked to load the bases for guess who: A-Rod. I was thinking and hoping for grand slam all the way. I didn’t have to hope too hard. It was a no-doubter. A-Rod down-right crushed that ball, and got his grand salami. And he got his stats back into regular-A-Rod-territory. Despite only playing 124 games, Alex made it to 30 HR and 100 RBI on the last day of the regular season. I’d say he’s got luck and magic, as well as serious skills, on his side.

To witness this magical moment, look here:


Alex Rodriguez hits a grand slam during the sixth as the Bombers explode for 10 runs in the inning to cap season with 10-2 win over Rays.

Okay, so A-Rod had a grand regular season….but what about the postseason, where in the past he constantly failed? It was time for that to change, and Alex was ready to prove himself. And I was so proud of him. This is an honest and true statement: In the 2009 postseason in which the Yankees won it all, Alex Rodriguez was the most clutch and influential player. Without him, the Yankees may not have moved on into the next rounds. He was clutch in every single series. Here are Alex’s mind-blowing stats in the 2009 postseason: .365 avg, 6 HR, 18 RBI in 15 games. No wonder he won the Postseason MVP Award. A-Rod undoubtedly deserved te honor. 

No when you talk about A-Rod, it’s hard to refrain from talking about his love-life. Seriously, this guy has a thing for Hollywood blondes.

A-Rod and Madonna

Now not for anything, but I thought this was a little creepy. I mean, Madonna is way older than Alex. What is she, some kind of cougar? 

A-Rod and Kate Hudson

Aw….these two were A-DOR-A-BLE together. It pains me to think that they are no longer together. She was Alex’s lucky charm. He, and the rest of te Yanks for that matter, had an amazing 2009. I’d like to think it was partly because of her.

I wonder if this one is true:

A-Rod and…..Cameron Diaz?

She’s gorgeous. If this thing is true, I hope it works out bewteen them.

Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz


A-Rod, I know people say things about you. I know they ridicule and constantly insult you and put you down. But they are just jealous of you. You are rich, you are gorgeous, and you are one of the greatest people to ever play the game. And they are not 🙂 I don’t care about what they say about you. You are a Yankee, my Yankee, and I love you ♥

Enjoy your offseason, and I can’t wait to see you soon!




  1. Jane Heller

    A-Rod had quite a roller coaster year. I was so happy that it ended on such a high for him. I wish he and Kate hadn’t broken up since she seemed to be good for him. Cameron? I doubt that’ll amount to anything. Can’t wait for the season to start already!


  2. redinar

    A-Rod is truly one amazing “player”. He has it all, the love of his fans, women in his sides and good career. Of course it is truly a bamboozle act to take steroids, but who else don’t? A-Rod is a part of the best baseball team in NFL, – The YANKEES. Having him for the past season is truly amazing. No one will ever questions his skillful and magical talent in the field of baseball. It’s off-season for you now, but I then I hope you’ll never lose hope! We still love you because you are YANKEE of our lives!

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