Short Stints in Pinstripes

Throughout the course of a baseball season, different players come and go. The Yankees have had players for incredibly short amounts of time, but of course I didn’t forget them being such the great Yankee fan that I am. Here are some of the recent players who were Yankees for just a little while.

2003 – Armando Benitez

Yep. He was a Yankee once. In 2003, Benitez pitched a total of 9 games for the Yankees before being shipped off to Seattle in a trade for Jeff Nelson.

Strikeout fist pump?

2004 – Donovan Osborne

He was a Yankee for such a short time that I couldn’t find any pictures of him in action for the team! Osborne pitched 9 games for New York in ’04, and after that was gone. And in those 9 games, he threw to a 7.13 ERA.

Donovan Osborne

That’s all I could find. 

2005 – Matt Lawton

Lawton played 21 games in a Yankee uniform in 2005, and hit just .125. After that, he sort of just disappeared…

Lawton’s power swing…he did hit 2 homers for the Yanks.

2005 – Mark Bellhorn and Alan Embree

A pair of fellow sophisticants from the “idiot” Red Sox of ’04, Bellhorn and Embree’s careers as Yankees were short-lived. Bellhorn took part in just 9 games as a Yankee, hitting just .118. Embree relieved in 24 games, and had a frightening ERA of 7.53. Not what was expected from these World Champions of the season before.

f03b70a7.jpg image by ChadFinn

Bellhorn at batting practice.

Ooh…looks like Embree failed in this picture. 

2006 – Sal Fasano

This guy was hilarious. He was quite the character. Fasano played just 28 games for the Yanks, but I will remember him forever. How could I forget that moustache? Or that on every play, he hustled to first base to back up the throw. He was a fun player. 


2007 – Josh Phelps

Phelps was superb in Spring Training of 2007, batting somewhere around .400. But once the real action began, Phelps wasn’t very special. In just 36 games with the Yanks, he hit .263, which is respectable. Later in the season he played for the Pirates.

Pretty cute 😉

2007 – Bronson Sardinha

I absolutely adored this little cutie. He looked a little bit like Melky…only Bronson is Hawaiian. He has the longest middle name I have ever seen in my life….I’m not even going to try and pronounce it: Bronson Kiheimahanaomauiakeo Sardinha. What a unique name…Anway, Bronson played just 10 games with the Yanks in 2007, and even made the postseason roster as the designated speedster. After that, I never saw or heard of him again.

ADORABLE!!! I miss this cutie so much. 

2008 – Morgan Ensberg

He made it on the team out of Spring Training, but only played 28 games for New York before disappearing…he seemed like a nice guy though.

Action shot of Ensberg.

2008 – Richie Sexon

In his 22 games as a Yankee, I fell in love with Richy. I felt bad that he was struggling so much. But as a Yankee, I was impressed with him. He hit .250 and was a solid defender at first base. I remember a grand slam he hit with the Yanks. He too vanished after playing with the Yankees. At least he ended his career with the best.

Richie’s ready stance.

2009 – Angel Berroa

Before A-Rod returned, Berroa platooned at third base with Cody Ransom and the occasional Ramiro Pena. But Berroa only played for a short time. In 21 games as a Yankee, Berroa hit .136 and got just 3 hits. He wasn’t the greatest fielder either. I know Yankee fans were used to A-Rod and his intense skills, but even so, Berroa was not too good as a Yankee.


2009 – Brett Tomko 

Tomko pitched just 15 games for the Yankees before they got rid of him. He was very upset about having to leave the team. He said he never got a fair chance. I understand where he is coming from, but who says baseball is fair?

Poor guy…

Well, baseball isn’t always fair. You do whatchya gotta do to win. If that means getting a player for just a little while, then so be it. I guess saying goodbye to a player you’ve barely known is worth it if you go on to win.

Spring Training has begun, and the season is getting closer! I wonder which players we will only see for a little while before they too move on…  



  1. Jane Heller

    Nice walk down memory lane, but I have to admit I have no memory of Donovan Osborne! How’d you come up with him? LOL. I don’t miss Bellhorn or Embree – not sure why we signed them in the first place – or Morgan Ensberg. And Richie Sexson was the tallest Yankee ever, wasn’t he?

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Happy Belated Birthday Tommy!!
    As a Mets fan I had mental images of Armando Benitez safely tucked away in the farthest reaches of my gelatinous cortex. Thnx ; )

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