Bye-Bye, Boone

Aw. Aaron Boone has officially announced his retirement. Not like I didn’t know this was coming. I just….well….ever since he left, I always had this slight hope that he’d return to the Yanks where he belongs. Either converting to outfield, or just being a utility guy. Anything. Like all Yankee fans, Aaron Boone holds a special place in my heart.

Aaron’s health has been worsening over the years. He has had a heart condition since his childhood, but the severity recently escalated. Boone had open-heart surgery to fix the problem. It was amazing that he even played baseball after that. I can understand why he decided it was time to stop playing.

This is not a forever goodbye to Booney. Aaron plans on joining ESPN as an analyst, which would be cool. And, I’m sure, he will want to come to Old Timer’s Day. He better….I miss him ♥

I always have liked Aaron Boone, even before he was a Yankee. As for so many other players, I had his baseball card and thought he was cute. I was happy when he joined the Yankees. But on October 17 of 2003, everyone (well, except the city of Boston) was glad Boone was a Yankee. In the 11th inning of this best game I have lived through, Boone forever immortalized himself in the hearts of Yankee fans everywhere.

Poor Booney didn’t like facing Tim Wakefield. But in that 11th inning, Joe Torre stuck with him. Best decision ever. On the first pitch, a wiggly-jiggly knuckleball by Wakefield, Boone, who just wanted to get the bat on the ball, got the bat on the ball. Indeed he did. And he knew it. Boone was our savior that night. His magic blast sent the Yankees to another World Series, but more importantly, prolonged The Curse of the Bambino. 

I need to just re-live that moment really quickly:



 -Sniffle-….-Little tear-….Oh, the beauty!

I love ya, Booney.




  1. ibleedpinstripes

    I will never forget the feeling that went through me when Booney hit that homer. Chills like you would not believe! He was like, the love of my life during the 2nd half of ’03. Gorgeousssss ♥ Great job as usual, Virginia! I need to get back into blog mode =l LOL.

    – Lisa

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Do you remember his own words on what had just happened? I thought it was one of the coolest descriptions ever….
    “this…this is just…SICK!!”
    Most of the times when players open their mouths they tend to dissappoint. To me, those were some of the better words put together by a ball player. There’s beauty in simplicity.

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