Cervelli Baby

Well, it’s nice to see my Cervelli-Baby is back to baseball. After what I saw on March 6, I was worried sick about him. But as always, Frankie has bounced back. He has made me proud once again.

Cervelli may never be in this helmet again…

Francisco Cervelli was instructed to wear a new, larger, ginormous batting helmet in order to prevent future concussions. It truly looks ridiculous. Yes, the S100 batting helmet is one-of-a-kind.

Today was the first day I saw Cervelli in action with the helmet. At first I didn’t notice it. But when they zoomed in at him, then I noticed. My brother pointed and laughed at Cervelli, saying he looked retarded. I didn’t think it was funny at all. I mean, my Cervelli has the guts to wear the hideous thing. David Wright sure didn’t. He ditched the S100 after just 1 game.

Pshh….Pretty-boy Wright just couldn’t take the S100….

Even though we all know Cervelli doesn’t like the helmet, we have to admit that he is being a very good sport about it. When Jorge Posada gave him the nickname “Gazoo,” Cervelli reflected, “Oh my God. They’ll have something for the video screen all season.” I pitied Frankie when I first laid eyes on the silly green character. Jorge was comparing my darling baby to that…that….thing?!

Well….it’s got a smile like Cervelli…

Cervelli doesn’t like the helmet, but unlike Wright, he knows its for his health. And even though it’s ugly, it is for the best. “I think when I get to first base, I’ll change the helmet, because it’s a little heavy,” he said. “It’s not about how I look. I’ve got to take care of myself.”

What a guy.

He’s so wise, my Cervelli. My brother said Frankie is a wimpy “faagg” for wearing the helmet. I can’t help but to disagree.

Wearing the helmet, to me, shows that Cervelli’s got guts….he’s got BALLS. Yeah, I said it 🙂

See why I love this man?




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