Happy Birthday, Blog!!!

I can’t believe it! 1 year ago today, July 16, 2009, “Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees” was born. I remember the circumstances: it was the last day of the All-Star break. The Yankees had not played in a few days, and I was down-right BORED. I stumbled across the “Start your own MLBlog!” icon on the side of my MLB profile. I clicked it, not knowing what I was getting into. My brother wanted to know what I was doing on the computer, and I said, “I’m starting a Yankees blog!” His response?

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Virginia don’t do thaaaat! Pleeeeease!”

Truth is, he knew what I was getting into. I didn’t. He knew that he was going to have to share is precious computer with me almost every day so I could blog. He knew I would be obsessive. And he knew I would enjoy it, which is why he didn’t want me to do it.

Haha just kidding. He’s not that mean.

My first post was about the possibility of the Yankees acquiring Doc Halladay. Haha fail:

Doc’s in the House

What is a fair package for the Yankees to give up to acquire Roy Halladay?

The Yankees have many talented prospects that can be fair game for trading. Austin Jackson, Jesus Montero, and Andrew Brackman, Ramiro Pena, and Francisco Cervelli, just to name a few. They also major leaguers that could go. Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, Brett Gardner, and Jose Molina are all quality baseball players that may be helpful for the Jays. But are they expendable for the Yankees?

The Blue Jays want A LOT for the best pitcher in baseball. And a select few, the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Cardinals, and maybe the Angels, can afford him. The Yankees should get Halladay to keep him away from the already-strong Red Sox. But the problem with the Yankees giving up there prospects for the Doc is that at the end of the 2010 season, Halladay is a free agent and may not want to return to the Yankees. That means the Yankees wasted the future of their franchise for an immediate contributor, which they have done too many times before. 

But saying Halladay wants to remain a Yankee, which prospects should the Yankees trade? I really hate to say it, but I think Joba Chamberlain should be considered. So far this year, he has not adapted to his a role as a starter; too many pitches (balls) too little innings, too low velocity on his once overpowering fastball. Even if the Yankees tried to put him back in the bullpen, he may not be that dominant guy of 2007. He is still a good pitcher, and still has a high trade value, and with work can be great again. Maybe the Jays are up for that.

Aside from Joba, I think the Yankees should trade star catching prospect Jesus Montero. The Yankees already have a very suprisingly good young catcher in Francisco Cervelli. Montero is still a few years aways from the big leagues. His primary skill is his bat, where he has Mike Piazza potential. But I think the Yankees need a strong defender and great game caller behind the plate, and that is what Cervelli brings to the table. He can also perform with the bat by doing the little things like bunting. He is not an automatic out. So although Montero is surely a great hitter, I think the Yankees have enough in their lineup and Cervelli is more valuable to the team. And besides, it would be hard for the Blue Jays to turn down an offer with such a talented prospect like that in it!

I’m sure Brian Cashman is working on putting Halladay in pinstripes. I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid by trading away somebody very valuable to the future of the Yankees. So Joba Chamberlain, Jesus Montero, and maybe others will bring the Doc to the Bronx. We can only hope.

Okay so I was wrong in that post. Halladay is with the Phillies, and there are no signs of him joining the Yankees anytime soon! And Joba Chamberlain…what a mess. I don’t think he has an ounce of trade value left in him.

I’ve had so much fun this past year here on MLBlogs, and I owe it to you guys ♥ Thank you for giving me a home here on MLBlogs. Thanks for reading, commenting, and writing your own blogs. I love reading what everyone else has to say.

One thing you all really deserve a “thank you” for is for listening to me gush about certain players….(ahem, FRANCISCO CERVELLI ♥)….I can see how that may get annoying, but I can’t help it. Thanks for putting up with me!

MLBlogs has given me so many great opportunities. Aside from getting to know you guys, it’s given me other writing opportunities. FanVsFan is an amazing website, and I am so glad to be a part of it. Thank you MLBlogs for helping me get known and for letting FanVsFan find me!

If anyone is interested in joining FanVsFan, I suggest you do. Just like MLBlogs, you blog as often or as little as you want – no contracts! And, you can do more than just writing. You can debate! Here is something I’m doing now:


If you want to vote for me, I would really appreciate it. Go to “Register” at the top-righthand side of the site, create a profile, then vote for me!

What I would really like is for some of you to join the FanVsFan community. Trust me, it is AMAZING. If you want to join, contact Michael Hirschbein at mph6@buffalo.edu or
mph@fanvsfan.com and tell him that you are interested in joining at that Virginia suggested you.

I once wrote a post about my blog being lucky. The Yankee won the first 8 games they played since the day I started my blog. Maybe, since they started that 8-game winning streak a year ago, they will have another nice long winning streak now!

I’m glad the All-Star break is over and that the Yankees play tonight. When they aren’t on, my blog posts are too random and rambly…I better wrap this one up.

Thank you, Yankees, for giving me something fun to do for this past year! I don’t see myself stopping the blog anytime soon, so thanks for all this future fun as well!!!

Happy Birthday, “Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees!!!!!”


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  1. raysrenegade

    Congrats on your first anniversary of your MLB blog. We all know that it is only the beginning, and that a few years from now you will go back and read the first entries and just see how far you have progressed and gotten a feel for writing.
    It is great that you took the time one year ago to begin to fully explore and include us in your passion for the Yankees.
    Wish you nothing but luck and continued great subjects and events to write about and explore in your second run around the MLBlogosphere.
    Again. congrats on the milestone, and look forward to celebrating Year Two in 364 days.

    Rays Renegade


  2. ohy22xd

    Yes! I’m the first one to say “Happy blogthday” 🙂 It’s so much fun having you here and thank you so much for writing such funny and great posts. Even though I don’t comment all the time, I come back here whenever I can. Congrats and keep up the great work!!

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