Why Joe, WHY?

Yanks Lose Finale, but Still in 1st Place

Now I love Joe Girardi, but sometimes I just don’t get him. And yesterday, I was beginning to think that maybe my cousin Raymond was right about Joe. He once said, “Joe Girardi is a Cro-Magnon Moron.” Well, that’s a little harsh. But seriously, I was quite confuzzled by some of the Skip’s decisions yesterday. I think he was partly the reason why they lost 3-0.


I know he didn’t want to admit it, but come on: yesterday’s game was one of the most important games for the Yankees so far this year. So why then, must you alter the lineup? Why must A-Rod have a day off in the finale of the Rays series? Joe’s defense?

“Well, he played 13 games in a row and I felt that Al needed a rest. Better to rest him on the road than in front of the home crowd that wants to see him try at #600.”

Um, really? How about you stop thinking about the stupid milestone and focus on making the TEAM WIN! The team needed Alex, fatigued or not, to play yesterday. Thanks for sitting him, Joe. I love Ramiro Pena with all my heart, but he really is no A-Rod. A tired A-Rod is better than Ramiro Pena any day.

Here is another brilliant strategic move by Girardi yesterday: sitting Brett Gardner.

WHY? Brett is a lefty, and James Shields is a righty. So it’s wasn’t because of the matchup. And please don’t tell me he’s “tired.” Gardner is a young man. And he didn’t play “13 games in a row” like A-Rod, because he had a porkchop stuck in his stomach and got acid reflux and missed games because of that. SO WHY THE HECK WASN’T HE IN THE LINEUP????? Gardner has been one of the most consistent hitters on the team. I don’t understand why he wasn’t playing in a game of that importance.

Then there is the Teixeira/Berkman decision.

Now I don’t want to take a shot at Lance, because I know he’s new and must have been incredibly nervous. And okay, he botched 2 plays and cost 2 runs, but he made a nice diving play in the 4th to save 2 runs. But really. Joe, why would you even take that chance? Why would you let Berkman play 1st and DH Tex in a game as important as yesterday’s?  I know Berkman is a 1st baseman, but nobody is as good as Mark Teixeira. If Tex is DH-ing, then for sure you are downgrading at 1st base. And lemme guess: Tex was DH-ing because he needed a rest.



I don’t get it. I don’t get it! I just don’t get it.

The Yankees lost 3-0. CC Sabathia labored, but he wasn’t that bad. He allowed just 3 runs, and took the loss. Now people are all “Oh James Shields was AMAZING yesterday.” Well okay he was good. But I’m sure that if the Yankees had their regular lineup, Shields wouldn’t have been too amazing.

The Yankees don’t play the pesky Rays again until September. And they play them 7 times that month. Hopefully, Joe Girardi will rest these guys BEFORE those games. Hopefully he’ll send the best guys out onto the field those days.

Hopefully, he won’t do anything worthy of him being called a Cro-Magnon moron ever again. 



  1. geoffh

    Hi Virginia,

    Wow…we almost wrote the same lines!! Except yours were more heartfelt because of your obvious love for the Yankees.

    I watched (and scored) the whole game on MLB.TV but for the first time I chose the Yankees audio commentary. It was interesting. The lady co-commentator (forgive me for not knowing her name) was saying as early as the 5th innings that the Yankees wern’t going to get back into the game. She must have known something was missing and she was bang on the money with her summary.

    I’m still not convinced that Girardi thought the game was as important as you and I KNOW it was. It’s given the Rays a hell of a shot in the arm.

    Keep smiling :o)

  2. Jane Heller

    I don’t think any of Girardi’s moves would have made a difference in that game. Shields was pitching out of his mind. We couldn’t touch him. But I agree that seeing Berkman at first wasn’t a happy sight.


  3. raysrenegade

    Actually after A Rod went 0 for the Trop in the first two games of the series, I had an idea he might get rested with the long consecutive game schedule on the books for the pinstripes. I know there were a huge amouint of disappointed Yankee fans in the Trop, including the guy nextto me who bought a $ 40 seat for $ 125.
    And you would think with history at the doorstep, Joe G would not rest A Rod until the moment the 600 Gorilla was off his back.
    And his pinch hit on Sunday was a bit anticlimatical based on the fact he had that look going up there that did not desigante….rounding the bases.
    Hopefully he can get it out of the way before the Gorilla becomes King Kong sized on his back and his average is not the only thing that suffers.

    Rays Renegade


  4. devilabrit

    Managers do some crazy things, and i agree they do sit people when they shouldn’t, Manuel does it too… I think the media has put too much hype on his #600, the TV even has a #600A-Rod watch, so most stations will switch everytime he is at bat, crazy… but crazy is the Eastern divisions at the moment, both AL and NL…


    Phillies Outside

  5. jamms50@aol.com

    I think Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi are both idiots. It was a big mistake not to get some real pitching or catching help. Cervelli can’t hit and Posada isn’t what he used to be defensively. I think the Yankees had a better team at this point last year. Kearns and Berkman will not help them and Granderson was a big disappointment.

  6. southernbelle

    Whoa there jamms….go easy on my Cervelli. You are in dangerous territory saying negative things about him on my blog. I will admit, he has slowed down. But he’s not the problem. I don’t know why they got Kearns, or Kerry Wood for that matter, but whatever. The most important thing is starting pitching, and I hoped for another starter, but that didn’t happen. I hope the 5 guys we have starting will continue doing what they have done. And Granderson? That poor thing…he looks so nervous all the time. Maybe NY is too much for him. I hope he does better next year, and the rest of this year!

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