Black Friday Deals

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving surrounded by family, friends, and yummy food! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year, and after Thanksgiving it gets even better. I LOVE Black Friday. It’s the kickoff to the Christmas season, and it’s the perfect time to shop! I have my eyes on a pair of boots that are on SUPER sale. I also want some sheet music. It seems that the prices of everything drop dramatically today.

If only.

Material things that I desire like boots and sheet music only go so far in achieving happiness. What really makes me smile are the people in my life. I am truly thankful for the people who make my life worthwhile: my family, friends, and my beloved New York Yankees.

I’m know it sounds silly, but I’m worried that some of the Yankees who’ve been a part of my life forever will not be in 2011…like Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter is breaking my heart. Now I’m not sure if any of it is true, but I’ve heard a lot about the whole contract thing, and I can’t believe this is the Derek Jeter I’ve grown up watching. This Derek Jeter supposedly turned down the Yankees’s fairly generous offer of 3 years, $45 million, and may want something along the lines of 6 years, $150 million. Whoa.


Jeter.jpgThroughout his many years in pinstripes, Derek Jeter has been portrayed as a “good guy.” He’s a real team player, and he is the Yankees. I’m just baffled now. How could he be this greedy? Maybe he’s not the guy I thought he was…this is heartbreaking.

Money is the name of the game. And I guess it really does change people. This is Jeter’s first opportunity to be a free agent, and he’s surely trying to make the most of it. But if he really is this great team player everyone says he is, then wouldn’t he understand that he’s not worth $150 million, and that he should just accept what the Yankees offer (because it will be way more than any other teams anyway), because they have other things to do this offseason? Like signing this guy?

Meanwhile, I’m a little annoyed at the Yankees for not bringing back Kerry Wood. They let him go, and I thought they would offer him arbitration, but they didn’t. I think they are crazy for letting him go. He had the lowest single season ERA out of ANY Yankees reliever in their history last year. What more could they want from him? I say, give Kerry Wood whatever money he wants, because unlike Derek Jeter, he proved that he was worth it last year.

Hey, maybe if we’re lucky, these guys will go on sale for Black Friday…

If only…



  1. Jane Heller

    I don’t believe everything I read, but even if Jeter’s camp did ask for the deal you mentioned, it just means he wants more than the Yankees’ initial offer. Yes, the two sides are far apart right now, but hopefully they can find a compromise.

  2. The Cub Den

    Either Jeter has a lot of debt or he’s just plain greedy. I like Jeter don’t get me wrong, but he’s the face of the Yankees and if he doesn’t suck it up take the money,then I was wrong about him as well.

    –Mark Gauthier

  3. yankeesfan27

    Bringing back Wood sounds great but we cant afford 11MM for set up relief. However, an arb offer would have been nice since he would certainly decline it, netting us two draft picks.

  4. raysrenegade

    This is why I miss my old buddy George already.
    He would of mailed a check to Mo and Derek inside a Yankee Christmas card and let them fill in the blanks ( per se).
    But it is a new era of Yankee management, and the sons have to find their own way to get results. Maybe that is why Jeter is taking so long, it is becoming personal like a true business transaction and Jeter is notr used to the formailities yet.

    Rays Renegade

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