Soriano Starts Out On A Bad Note…

I was one of the Yankees fans who loved the Rafael Soriano signing. But suddenly, I’m not smiling as much. It probably sounds ridiculous to you, but I think I have a very good reason to be mad at newcomer Rafael Soriano. This picture broke my heart:

Soriano Took Cervelli's Number.jpg

What’s wrong with that, you ask? Looks like an ordinary new player press conference…

If you know me, you should understand…

If you still don’t understand, I’ll give you a hint:


Look, it’s Cervelli!

Francisco Cervelli – #29.

Get why I’m enraged at Soriano yet?


I know what some might think, “Ooh it’s just a number…get over it.”

Just a number? No, it was just a number that belonged to my FAVORITE BASEBALL PLAYER. It was just a number that happens to be included in almost every single one of my passwords for every single thing. It was just a number that took me forever to find on the back of a Yankee’s shirt!


It was JUST A NUMBER that I spent $40 when I went to Yankee Stadium last July.

What is my sweet Francisco Cervelli, not to mention what am I, going to do now? I’m so upset about this…It’s going to be hard for Soriano to make this up to me.

Rafael Soriano better be really good or else I’m going to HATE him even more…



  1. ronlang44

    I understand your frustration, but I think Soriano will win you over. The back end of the Yankees bullpen was already lethal with Mo closing, but now you have an 8th inning closer in Soriano. If the starting pitching and middle relievers can get it to the 8th inning then the game should be over.


  2. raysrenegade

    You might want to ask what Cervelli got out of the deal for changing jersey numbers. Maybe he gets FREE dinner during away trips. Or possibly Soriano has made a nice donation in Cervelli’s name to a local charity. Or possibly Cervelli himself switched to a number that had more sentimental meaning to him.
    Whatever the reason you can bet Cervelli ended up with the sweet end of the deal…But I understand the sore note left by the #29 switching hands.

    Rays Renegade

  3. yankeesfan27

    Cervelli probably got something out of the deal. I think Soriano wore 39 at one point so i am not sure why he didn’t just use it. Who knows?

  4. crzblue2

    When I started reading this I was saying “Oh oh, Cervelli’s #.
    I hope you are feeling better about it Virginia, but like many mentioned, maybe there was a sweet deal to Cervelli. I remember when Juan Pierre wanted his number, he gave Grady Little a motorcycle.

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