When They Suck, I Play With Buck

In one respect, this past week has been a dreadful one. In another, it has a blessing.

In one respect, it has been one I will try to forget. In another, it’s one I’ll always remember.

At my family dinners, we are distressed. Then we smile.

My Yankees have dropped six straight games, and it is very hard to watch. Suddenly, this team that looked so good just doesn’t have that drive anymore. I’m not even going to attempt doing game summaries about this past week because honestly, I might accidentally punch my laptop out of anger by recalling those memories I am trying ever so hard to repress. If you didn’t see the games, don’t worry – you didn’t miss anything but aggravation.

The team is in turmoil. Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter are feuding with the front office. None of the offense, except for home run leader Curtis Granderson, are performing to the best of their abilities. And the pitching just cannot hold a lead. Not to mention, the defense has been pretty messy as well. I’m hoping they can straighten out the issues off the field, so the on-field play returns to Yankee normalcy. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m sure some of you remember when I posted in early March about the passing of my dog Jesse. He meant the world to me, more than the Yankees. He was my brother, and still to this day I can’t think about him without tearing up. The house was just not a home without him. We knew Jesse could never be replaced, but we all needed another dog.

So on Friday May 13, we got one. He, like Jesse, is a yellow lab. But he’s a puppy. We named him Buck. And for an 8 week old puppy, he sure is special. It was so hard to pick one out of all the puppies, but something just drew me in to little Buck. Now that he is part of my family, I knew we made the right choice. He’s going to be a great dog.

An 8 week old puppy is a lot of work. Now that AP exams are over (yay!) I figured now was the time to get a puppy. He has his moments, which we call the “Manic Puppy” state, where he goes crazy and starts being mouthy and biting everything in sight. Buck usually gets like this after dinner – perfect timing for the Yankee games.

So since the Yankees have been sucking, I’ve been spending the majority of my evenings playing with little Buck. He has helped distract me from the terrible week the Yanks have had.

Here’s the little cutie!

The game starts in about 10 minutes. And I just heard Buck’s squeaky toy! Either way, win or lose, I know with Buck, it’s going to be a fun night.

But seriously, Yankees – 6 in a row is enough. I want a win!




  1. A.J. Martelli

    Virgina, Buck is adorable! I’m glad he can make you smile in the wake of such tragedy AKA the state of the Yankees. Hope they win this game tonight. Give Buck a pat for me.

    P.S. what do you think of the new MLBlogs? I like it, but it’ll take some getting used to!

  2. Phillies Outside

    Cute puppy… glad you found your way through the blog change over… I wouldn’t worry too much about the slump, they bounce back after the end of the world.. LOL


  3. mlblogscordaro9418

    Cute puppy! But if he’s named after Bucky Dent then it should be “Bucky F^&#n’ Dent” as we say round these parts.

    As for your Pinstripes, WoW did they look old in a hurry. Obviously they’ll bounce back but the team’s core really is looking the 36 years old it averages.

    Jeter got punk’d this off-season by the offspring of King George The Only, and I’ll never figure out why. Who picks a media fight with Mister Yankee?
    As for Posada… the days of wine and roses are done. We have Varitek and though his next team will likely be playing at Jurrasic Park he walks through the latter days with some grace and doesn’t b!tch about hitting 9th (or in Tek’s case 8th) in the order. If you are hitting anything under .200, you should just be grateful to be in the line-up. I would not be surprised to see Jorge included in a trade or, if the Bomber Brass can just be merciful, released.

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