West Coast Woes

The Yankees have gone 7-3 since the last time I posted. Maybe my little story about Buck brought them some luck! That stretch of games took place at home in the Bronx. Now the boys are out West, and will be for quite some time, playing 3 against the Mariners, 3 against the A’s, and 3 against the Angels. It’s the first time since 1998 that the Yankees are playing all three Western teams on the road at once.


West Coast trips are always a pain. Teams dread them. And so do us fans back on the East Coast. Having a game START at 10:10pm is not exactly fun. You would think I’d be okay with it by now – especially after I recently pulled my first all-nighter on Prom night – but it’s actually quite the opposite. I like my sleep!

I tried watching the whole game last night, I really did. I was interested: A.J. Burnett and Michael Pineda were having a nice pitcher’s duel. Once the Yankees had a lead, I decided maybe it was safe for me to leave the room for a little while. Their 3-0 lead was cut to 3-2, but selfishly, I decided to leave the room anyway and go shower because I was tired. I figured, maybe they’d hold on this time.


I blame myself.

I could have just stayed, maybe drank my third cup of coffee for the night, but no. I just HAD to leave.

When I returned, they were down 4-3. I stayed around a little longer, hoping that my presence would spark them. Jeter got on base to lead off the next inning. I thought they had a chance there…but when they failed to score that inning, I just gave up. It was 4-3 when I went to bed.

I woke up not knowing what had happened. First thing my Mom said to me in the morning was this:

“Those darn Yanks…they had to lose when everyone else in the division had to win.”

Way to start off my weekend, Mom!

Now I know it’s early to be looking at standings, but the Yankees are 27-22 – 1 game behind the RED SOX in the AL East. I know there is plenty of baseball left to play. But this is just an unpleasant reversal of fortune right here…the Red Sox were SO bad early on, and now they are in sole possession of first place? Eew.

And I know it’s just 1 game now, but I’m worried that the Yankees will fall too far behind. These West Coast trips are not easy. I thought they had a really good chance at winning last night, and I think that loss was a big confidence blow, considering tonight the Yanks go up against King Felix.

I feel like I haven’t been able to really sit down and watch a good Yankees win in awhile. I end classes on June 8, and for some odd reason my teachers have decided to BOMBARD my fellow students and I with PROJECTS. I mean it’s 4th quarter, SENIOR YEAR. Whatever. Combine these projects with my leftover prom exhaustion, and I barely have any time/energy to watch a game in full.

Hopefully, the Yankees can find a way to play a good game and come out with a win tonight.

And hopefully, I can stay up for it!




  1. Catherine

    West coast games are horrible for us on the east coast. Then again, on the west coast, they must all complain that the games start too early.
    That sucks that you have so much work senior year! At my school, seniors can take “internships” at local businesses after AP tests until graduation, so they don’t have to go to class/do annoying projects.

  2. cordaro9418

    Just think Virginia, Senior year and once all your multiple, troublesome and most likely boring projects are done… there will be college. Hope the Prom went well.

    Yes, it is true, the Boston Red Sox are in sole posession of 1st place in the American League East. As a Pinstripes fan, you remember them… the team from 150 miles Northeast that everyone kept saying “HaHaHa.. they got Carl Crawford” and delighted in seeing in the cellar for the first month and a half of a very very long season.
    Yes, that Red Sox team.
    Now granted, it’s been a day but the Sox really have no where to go but up… not cause they’re invincible but because they were doing just that bad. Your ‘Bombers on the other hand… hmmmm. They may have a long way to fall. I get the feeling that Jeter’s problems with management (more precisely ownership) just aren’t going to be fixed. The Sons of ‘King George the Only’ hammered Mister Yankees’ pride, his honor and his loyalty while using the mass media to do it for all of NY and the baseball world. Even the Pinstripe Captain doesn’t have armor that thick. Look at Don Mattingly… ya’ know, Mattingly… you can say ‘hi’ to him on the West Coast trip. Posada on the otherhand.. sorry, no pity or respect for the Diva.. however Jeter did and management / ownership let everyone know their opinion on that too. And as I’ve said previously, the Highlanders core group is looking old. A-Rod/Jeter/Rivera/Diva are all over 35… and it’s showing. Burnette was high priced medocrity at best (don’t feel bad, we have Dice-K) and Colon will break down.. he’s repaired but still too heavy to support it over the season… and C.C. just can’t carry the team alone (see Cleveland).
    Are the ‘Bombers out of it? No. Toronto and Baltimore have a lot to prove and Tampa is streaky at best so far… should the Sox (who remind you have not officially ‘heated up’ as we’re missing the 4 and 5 starters) keep rolling, the Wild Card is still a playoff spot.
    I just get the feeling there’s a NY trade in here somewhere… possibly with the cross-town Metropolitans or Dodgers… two teams who need to shed payroll and pick-up both prospects and cash.
    We shall see.


  3. Red State Blue State

    I hope the end of your school year finishes with lots of positives so you can ease into following your Bombers. Still lots of baseball to go and the AL East is the prize of the entire league. Gonna get good!

  4. cordaro9418

    Hey sweetie, hope high school is ending on a high-note for ya’.

    Had to take a moment to stop, savor the flavor and quote a very popular philosopher.. “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, Na Na Na Na Na Na” -Eric Cartman.

    So would these be East Coast woes? Sorry, but have to enjoy it while it lasts.

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