Damn That Dome


This is why baseball should be played outside:


Damn that Dome.

That’s not why the Yankees lost, but it sure didn’t help them win! That 7th inning was utterly disgusting. First an infield single, then a real single…then Colon was out. Then the lazy fly ball to center…my poor Curtis. It must be such a lonely feeling when your out there under the ball, then all of a sudden it’s gone, and there’s nothing you can do about it. When I saw Curtis’s hands flail as he desperately tried to find the ball again, I knew the tone was set for the rest of the game. That ball indeed dropped. Boone Logan then had a chance to exit the inning, but he botched what should have been a 1-2-3 double play. Nope. Right off the glove! And all runners were safe. Then my Curtis had a chance to redeem himself, and made a nice diving play in center. But by leaving his feet, he allowed the Rays runner to score on a sac fly. He tried making up for leaving his feet, but his throw sailed wildly wide of the plate. That slim 1 run lead the Yankees enjoyed became a 1-run deficit before my eyes. And they lost it by 1 run.

Now I know it’s unfair to blame the dome, so I’m not really “blaming” the dome, I’m just expressing my disgust in the fact that there is a dome. And I’m not just hating on the dome because the GrandyMan lost the ball. When I saw the Yankees’s schedule for after the All-Star break and saw they’d be on the road in Toronto and Tampa Bay, I said, “Jeez, the two most boring, head-achy, and ugly stadiums in a row.”

Not to mention, ballparks where my cute centerfielder loses the ball which ultimately leads to a loss! Just get rid of them! Or move those teams. No one ever goes to Blue Jays games or Rays games unless they play the Yankees, anyway.

I said I wouldn’t do that, I apologize. Perhaps I’m avoiding the real problem here.

Over the All-Star break, my Grandma’s favorite player, and our cleanup hitter Alex Rodriguez underwent surgery to repair his impaired knee. Since his absence, the Yankees are 3-3, and their offense just isn’t the same…they don’t have that extra “oomph” they have when A-Rod is in the lineup. I didn’t really worry too much when I heard he was having the surgery. I remembered how the Yankees went 14-4 without their Captain, Derek Jeter. I didn’t think they would struggle even more without A-Rod.

I think, since the offense is stinking up a storm, maybe Joe Girardi should implement some lineup tweaks? Since he hasn’t done anything yet? Everyone’s been talking about how hot Brett Gardner has been, so why is he batting 9th? I say, but your best guys up top, so the heart of the order is actually good, so maybe a rally can actually happen instead of having a stinky guy come up with runners in scoring position and just kill everything. I don’t see what the big deal about shaking up the lineup will be – I mean are they doing well the way they are now? All that talk about rhythm, protection, it just bugs me. I mean these guys are Major League hitters. Stop being so sensitive. Hit the damn ball, that’s what you’re getting paid for.

I say just try something different, something like this:

#1 Brett Gardner

#2 Derek Jeter

#3 Curtis Granderson

#4 Robinson Cano

#5 Mark Teixeira

#6 Nick Swisher

#7 Jorge Posada

#8 Russell Martin

#9 Eduardo Nunez

And YES, I know Granderson and Cano are back-to-back lefties, but I don’t think it matters at all. Both Grandy and Cano are not neutralized by lefties. They both still hit very well against them with Cano at an insane clip .342 against lefties. Gardner at the top, why not? So he struggled up there in the beginning of the year – he struggled in GENERAL at the beginning of the year. The team needs a spark, and Gardner can provide it. I mean he can’t be any worse than Jeter up there. And he has stolen I think 12 bases in a row now? Oh, and he leads in stolen bases with 29. So this way when he leads off with a single, he can steal 2nd and not worry about Jeter grounding into a double play.

I doubt they’re going to do anything to spark the offense, but I would give it a try. Just like Billy Martin did. Pull the names out of a hat, and that’d be the lineup order! DO SOMETHING!

Maybe then, it won’t matter what kind of ridiculous excuse for a stadium they’d play in. Even if a ball is lost here or there, they’d still be able to HIT!

Oh well, one more game in this place, then back home to that beautiful ballpark in the Bronx.




  1. mlblogsbluejaysnest

    I hate when the Jays play at the Trop too. Even though the Jays play inside a Dome too, the Trop’s roof is just horrible. I can’t wait till they demolish that place, the Jays have had their share of nightmares there.

  2. bob3472

    Forgot who said this, but who ever did, did the best job describing the Trop. “It is a giant pinball machine.” It is a joke that the Marlins a team that is I believe last in attendance is getting a new stadium while the Rays are stuck in a pinball machine. Sure the Rays don’t have the best attendance but at least people sit in their outfield seats.
    Bob: Soxoholics

  3. EMC

    There’s a lot wrong here. For one, do away with domes? They’d never get a game in! It rains all the time in Tampa! That stadium is awful and they need a new one, but I’ve long been a proponent of every team, if possible, going to retractable roof stadiums. This way you get natural weather when possible and you don’t get rainouts anymore. So like this Jays dude said, it’s about the quality of that stadium, not the fact that it’s a dome.

    Also, no sane manager puts that lineup out. Not unless you want to make the jobs of every team you play easier. Like way easier. But you already knew that.

    • southernbelle

      Wow you’re always picking on me hehe. Yeah I hate the domes. But I also said that the Rays team should be moved, no one ever goes to their games anyway, so put them somewhere in a climate suitable for outdoor baseball, and somewhere where people will actually go see them play. That’s an amazing lineup, even if it’s not THAT I think changes need to be made, it’s not like the offense can get that much worse.

  4. strictlycubsbaseball

    I’m not a fan of domes or cookie cutter stadiums. The Rays need a stadium with a retractable roof if they are going to stay in Florida. If they were to move I suggest Portland, San Antonio, Charlotte or Salt Lake City.


  5. The Wizard of Ozzie

    That stadium is horrendous. As I read on Twitter, “Aren’t CATwalks supposed to be for modeling?” Unfortunately, there’s really no place else to go in Tampa. If they’re gonna stay there, the dome it is.

  6. toosoxy

    I’m not a fan of Tampa and it’s not entirely the dome- players get hurt on the turf. And it’s so empty and the dome just makes it look emptier…

    • southernbelle

      Ahh I hate the turf. I feel kinda bad for the Rays, they’re a good team and no one goes to see them. They deserve a better crowd. Get them out of Florida and move them somewhere where people will actually care. And while they’re at it, go somewhere where they can play on grass!

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