Jesus Is Just Alright With Me!

That was a Byrds reference in case anyone cares.

But that’s beside the point. Point is, Jesus Montero is a friggin beast. And I’m still in disbelief about everything.

Jesus Montero has given me so much hope since I heard about him what seems like many years ago. Way back at the beginning of the season, when everyone was counting the Yankees out and saying there was no possible way they could win, because the Red Sox were so amazing, I thought to myself, “That’s okay, I don’t have to win every year. We Yankees fans still have a lot to look forward to. If I get the chance to see Montero play this year, no matter what, I will consider this season worthwhile.”

God. I mean Jesus…


Currently, the Yankees have a 2.5 lead over those anointed champion Red Sox, which is relatively roomy considering how tight this division has been all season long. They have had possession of first and lost it many times this season…but with every game that passes, there is less and less time for the standings to change.

Not only are the Yankees winning – but now Montero is part of it! And I truly believe he is the real-deal.

Jesus Montero stole the show yesterday by hitting his first 2 homers in the Bigs. They were both of the opposite field variety, and they both earned him curtain-calls. I found that somewhat surprising, and also a little relieving. I thought maaaybee I was the only one who was so excited about the kid, and when he didn’t get a hit in his first game, I thought maaaybee my excitement was silly, but then when he had that huge game yesterday, all the fans embraced him, so now I don’t feel stupid for being his biggest fan already.

I’m tempted to go buy myself a “Montero #63” Yankees jersey, but I think his number might change soon. He’s too good to be #63 for much longer. But I’ve learned the hard way about those player jerseys…all of mine are out-of-date: I have Cano as #22, Melky Cabrera as #28 (lol), and Francisco Cervelli as #29. I had a Gary Sheffield #11 jersey, but my Grandma took off the lettering, so now it’s a #11 shirt WITHOUT a name. Ohh yeah.

But yeah, back to that Jesus Montero guy….okay not gonna lie, I really like him. And those of you that know me know what that means. He’s only 21….I’m 18, there’s hope. He’s soooo adorable.

Fangirl commentary needs to be put on hold…I’m sorry.

So yeah, Jesus Montero. In all seriousness, Jesus Montero, in the short time he has been with the team, has made me so happy. He has given me that desire to watch games again with that intensity that I can’t even describe. He’s helping us now, and I’m confident that he’ll be here for the future. If Brian Cashman didn’t move him yet – and he has had his fair share of golden opportunities to do so – I don’t think he’ll move him now. Not when he gave us a glimpse of why he was meant to be a Yankee. His swing is perfect for Yankee Stadium. That short porch in right was BUILT for him. The fans already adore the kid, hence the curtain calls. And hey, I know it’s a small sample, but he’s hitting .385 and has shown awesome power. Every once in a while, a player really does live up to his expectations. Can Montero be one of those guys?

I definitely think so.

I hope the Yankees continue to keep on plugging him into the lineup. Jesus Montero in the BOTTOM THIRD of the lineup? That’s quite a force. They should use him every day, because after all: they have to win, and they have to put their best guys out there. Right now, I think Jesus Montero is a better designated hitter than Jorge Posada.

Even if he struggles, I say pencil him in there. Sure, he may worry about slumping, he may lose a little confidence – who cares about him losing trade value, he’s here to stay in my mind. Bottom line, Jesus Montero has spent 2 seasons in Triple-A. He can hit. The defense will come. Too much hope and excitement has been invested in the guy. The Yankees owe it to the fans to use him.

I can’ t wait to come home and watch the game tonight – and I hope Jesus Montero is playing.




  1. EMC

    That’s the problem, he may not be “here to stay”. For one thing, if he can’t catch, he can’t be a full time DH for the Yankees. An aging team has no room for a 21 year old DH. There’s little value in that when the real value is being able to rest your veteran talent and DH them sometimes. He needs to play well but more so the few times he’ll crouch behind the plate. At this point, would you really catch this kid over Russell Martin who’s throwing out 31 percent of runners? Tempting to resign that guy who is not yet 30, leaving Montero with no place to play. I still believe the best scenario is a solid September for the kid which leads to some team trading pitching to the Yankees for him. If you gotta throw in a Betances too in order to get a Jered Weaver or King Felix (the latter if basically impossible but I put him here anyway), you do it. No questions asked. I’d say the percentages of Montero being with the Yankees long term are about as high as the ceiling of the player I compare him to, Matt Nokes. It’s not that likely.

    • southernbelle

      The Yankees had plenty of opportunities to trade him, and not for just some mediocre players. They were brand names. Why wouldn’t they trade him then? It’s not like his value can get that much higher. He could have been traded for CLIFF LEE. He’s not a good defending catcher yet, but he might soon if he works. I think he’ll split DH and catcher next year.

  2. mlbnyy35

    I hope the Yankees allow him to catch a little bit, because it hurts us to have him clogging up the D.H. slot while the rest of the aging starters need occasional rest. Even if he’s not meant to be a full-time big league catcher, he could backup there while at least learning the corner infield and/or outfield positions to play there on days where those starters take a half-day off.

  3. Emma

    You are right, Jesus Montero is cute! I had made a promise not to buy jerseys from current players but I could not help buy Javy Guerra’s batting practice jersey when I saw it in the club level. I wore it and when he saw it he asked me “Where did you get that?” He is cute! Take a look at his pic in my blog post. -Emma

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