Offseason Is On: ENOUGH OF A-ROD

Happy New Year, everybody! The changing of the calendar is a time where people are optimistic about the future, ambitious in setting goals, and determined in trying to achieve them. We start off with a clean slate and hope for the best. My goals for 2012 are to keep doing well in school and aim for another 3.925 GPA (or higher!), to blog more and not just wait for the Yankees to give me something to write about, and to get as good at playing guitar as I am at playing piano. Oh, and for my Mom, I said I’d stop doing unladylike things when the Yankees get on my nerves, or at least make a valiant effort to try…

Although the Yankees haven’t made any moves to get me excited for the 2012 season, overall I am still optimistic. They haven’t gotten anyone, but they haven’t traded away those cute rookies such as Jesus Montero and Manny Banuelos yet either. I don’t know how they’ll do in 2012, but I am looking forward to the season. How can we not be excited about a new baseball season? Everyone starts out at 0-0, Burnett’s ERA isn’t above 5 yet, and everyone has a chance to redeem themselves (yes, I believe in you, A.J.)!

Everybody but A-Rod.

I know that’s unfair. But I’ve tried – I’ve really tried – I wipe his slate clean. The Yankees have made no news in the offseason, but Alex Rodriguez has had his fair share of coverage once again, and I can’t say I’m happy about it. I’m just sick of Alex Rodriguez’s predictable nonsense.

It’s the same thing every year: after the Yankees lose in the postseason because A-Rod is unclutch, he promises that he will “come back with a vengeance” in the next season. Yeah, he said that last season and he sucked. $32 million for a .276 avg, 16 HR, and 62 RBI in 99 games, with an extremely aggravating .111 avg in the postseason. I know he was hurt. I don’t care (heartless, I know). The surgery was one thing. But the thumb – your THUMB? Maybe if you got your thumb out from your you-know-where you’d be okay.

Oooh…that was harsh.

Perhaps it’s unfair to pick on him for last year when he was hurt. But I can’t help it. When he said he’s rehabbing and working to get back, and then I see him in the dugout with that stupid smile, I just think he’s so disingenuous. I don’t believe anything he says. Why would be bust to get back when he is already guaranteed millions and millions? He doesn’t even look like he’s trying or he cares when he’s out there. Every time he strikes out, he walks away flipping his bat, and looking back at the radar to see how fast the pitch was that he swung and missed at – usually a low-mid 90s fastball that for some odd reason he can’t catch up to – and he makes that face that’s like, “Oh well. I’m A-Rod!” I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me…

I’ve already lost my patience with A-Rod for 2012. He says he’ll be back with a vengeance, then we heard he went all the way to Germany for some bizarre blood-spinning procedure. So he’s not healthy. Great, another excuse to suck.

Then the other night my brother shows me an article from the New York Daily News in which A-Rod has been spotted at least three times with former WWE Diva and Playboy sensation Torrie Wilson, yet another gorgeous blonde to distract him from baseball. I might be overreacting about this, but I’ve just had enough. It’s the same old thing with A-Rod.

So he says he’ll be better in 2012? It doesn’t look it. Just another wasted $30+ million. I can’t believe we have 6 more years of this. And there’s no way he’s going to get any better at 36 years old. Sometimes I wish the Yankees would just get rid of him and eat the money – that’s how fed up I am. Who needs superstars? Scott Brosius was no superstar, and they won with him at third base.

If I was manager, I wouldn’t bat Rodriguez cleanup anymore. Cleanup is for the productive guy. Striking out and scowling at the radar gun is not productive – I’m sorry. That spot should be for either Curtis Granderson or Robinson Cano, because they’ve earned it.



My Opening Day lineup would look something like this:

1) Derek Jeter

2) Nick Swisher

3) Robinson Cano

4) Curtis Granderson

5) Mark Teixeira

6) Alex Rodriguez

7) Jesus Montero

8) Russell Martin

9) Brett Gardner

Originally, I had Teixeira 6th and A-Rod 5th, but in the process of writing this post, I demoted A-Rod again because I’m staring at that picture of him smiling, and I’m struggling to refrain from smacking him and breaking my laptop screen in the process. So because of all that unnecessary effort I’m expelling, I demoted him further.

But actually, Jesus Montero might provide him with some protection. I can’t get the images of that kid hitting line-drive opposite-field home runs at Yankee Stadium out of my mind…

I say to start the season with this lineup. If A-Rod wants to bat clean up, then he’s going to have to earn it. Why, just because he makes the most money, he is guaranteed the star-spot in the order? How’s that fair? I’m tired of watching the top of the Yankees order do so much, just to see A-Rod negate it all by failing to come through in the clutch. Granderson is a guy who I think earned this spot in the order by proving that he can come through after his MVP-worthy 2011 campaign.

Will Joe Girardi listen to me? Nope. It’s sad. A new season, but the same old thing.

If A-Rod miraculously does well in 2012, I’ll apologize. I’ll do whatever. Someone make a bet with me. I’m not worried. I know I’ll win.

47 days until pitchers and catchers report. It may not sound like it after this post, but I am looking forward to seeing my boys in 2012!

Everyone but A-Rod, that is.



  1. cordaro9418

    Well, to date, I believe there are only two people who actually like A-Rod… the first being A-Rod, the second being his agent.

    His newest ‘rehab’ overseas will just go further to fuel the Hall of Fame debate whenever that day arrives in the future. Steroids is already documented, what MLB management makes of these ‘cutting-edge’ medical procedures (held overseas and not in the continental 48 for various reasons) should be on the table by then. The only thing Rodriguez represents at this point is the downfall of the long-term mega-contract. He’s the LA Angels worst case scenario… should King Albert meet age in much the same way.

    I thank the baseball gods every season that MLB rejected the propsed A-Rod to Boston for Manny trade back in ’03-’04 Hot Stove. The Sox fortunes would not have been the same. I also detest A-Rod for that lame ‘I’m a free-agent’ press release during the 2007 WS to try and steal some spotlight from the rival Sox in the fall classic.

    And wasn’t the whole point of A-Rod getting divorced (‘great’ PR move for a mega-rich guy in the world’s biggest city) so he could shed the extra ‘weight’ and go play with Madonna and Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson and every other blonde celebrity E! televises when not covering the Kardashian idiots. But in his defense… he’d have to be retarded to not get in the running for Torrie Wilson. Just sayin’.

    Raise your hand if you see Cashman waving A-Rod as trade bait for a #2 or #3 starter and a young proven RF near the All-Star break…!

    • southernbelle

      I’ve tried to be fair and positive with A-Rod throughout his Yankee years, even through the steroid stuff…but in the course of the past 2 seasons, I have lost all patience. He thinks he’s the greatest thing to walk the earth, and that attitude just bothers me. He does not represent what the Yankees are, and he single-handedly made me hate the idea of long contracts.

  2. Emma

    Nice post! I was cracking laughing when I read “But the thumb – your THUMB? Maybe if you got your thumb out from your you-know-where you’d be okay.” LOL.
    agh….those long contracts. I can remember a few Dodger long contracts that did not fair well. Just not going there though.
    Loving the idea of Torre with Caruso in the pool of prospective owners.

    • southernbelle

      Thanks Emma! My Mom got annoyed when I actually said that thumb thing at the dinner table…oopsy! Haha so I censored myself this time. And I wish Torre the best of luck in his future! I still love the guy.

  3. adam

    all you have to do is go to Pinstripe Alley and see all the little kids / homers who defend this guy to see where his support lies. BUT, w/ all the damning evidence out there on this guy i don’t know why you are so upset at his general attitude and facial expressions.

    Just look at his history….1 a) he’s a cheater. 1 b) he’s a CHEATER!!! 2) he told a magazine that his good buddy (Jeter) didn’t have to face the same pressures he had to and that teams weren’t worried about Jeter w/ Oniel and Williams in the lineup 3) he opted out of his contract during the freakin’ world series! 4) he cheated on his entire family (not just the wife, the kids too, you think they’re not going to be affects by that….year right). 5) he’s not close to worth what he’s earning.

    sure i could go on and on here, but I don’t have the time.

    Nice to see someone who’s a teenager who’s not a homer though.

    • southernbelle

      Some guys have done things in their past, like Jason Giambi, but I don’t hate them…because when they apologize, it’s genuine. Same with Pettitte. I can’t hate them. A-Rod just radiates arrogance in everything that he does, and he frankly should NOT act that way, because he is NOT that good. At all. A-Rod wants to be Jeter, he wants to be loved and accepted, but he never will be. Jeter is a real man, a real Yankee.

  4. Smilow

    I would make a couple changes to your line up:

    1) Brett Gardner – When he bats lead off average is much higher !!!
    2) Derek Jeter
    3) Curtis Granderson
    4) Robinson Cano – Batting Average was still better then anyone else on the team .
    5) Mark Teixeira
    6) Alex Rodriguez
    7) Nick Swisher
    8.) Jesus Montero
    9) Russell Martin

    • southernbelle

      I definitely approve of this. I’ve always kind of liked Gardner leadoff, but I don’t think he really had his fair share at that spot. The only thing that makes me like Gardner 9th is that the lineup seems more circular that way, but it’s not that big of a deal. Jeter being 2nd isn’t at all a demotion – we all remember how solid he was in that spot in years past. Grandy and Cano I feel can go either way. And I’m really looking forward to seeing what Montero can do. Who knows…maybe he’ll move his way on up to somewhere for a star.

      • Smilow

        Lets hope that Teixeira will get off his big ego and listen to Kevin Long….. We see what he did for Granderson !!!! Can someone teach Martin to hit a curve or a slider please???

        I really do like Teixeira, but we can all benefit from advice…..

      • southernbelle

        I thought Teixeira would actually be better last year…I remember he got off to a hot start the first week of the year. His power numbers were fine last year, but the average! We didn’t want a Giambi! I appreciate Teixeira’s defense, and I love that he didn’t carry his offensive struggles to first base with him. Hopefully Long can work wonders with him like he has with Grandy! And Martin, too!

  5. Smilow

    I hate to compare A-Rod to the US government but unfortunately we are stuck in a bad situation with both and are going to have a rough couple of years….


    • southernbelle

      HAHA! Aside from baseball I’m really into politics….might minor in PoliSci, I’m taking my first political science class next semester, so if I like it that’d be cool, it goes well with communications which is my major. And yes, BOTH THESE SITUATIONS NEED TO CHANGE!!!

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