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The Cuties and Hotties of Baseball – AL East

There are a lot of players who are “cuties” and “hotties,” so I may have to split this post up into a few smaller posts. As you all know, I love every one of my Yankees, so I’m only going to name a few. EJ, you might not like this post too much.

AL East

New York Yankees

-Melky Cabrera

Melky Cabrera Melky always finds a way to make me laugh. He is a cutie. 

-Francisco Cervelli

Francisco Cervelli  Francisco is just adorable. I love him. He is a cutie.

-Ramiro Pena

Ramiro Pena  He looks like he is a baby. Ramiro is the cutest little rookie.

-Sergio Mitre

Sergio Mitre  Sergio has movie-star good looks. He is classified as a hottie.

-Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira Tex is adorable! He’s perfect! He is a cutie!

Boston Red Sox

-Jacoby Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury  I like the way Jacoby plays the game. He’s cute.

Tampa Bay Rays

-Carlos Pena

Carlos Pena Carlos said he was proud to be a Ray. That was before they were good! Cutie!

-Evan Longoria

Evan Longoria I don’t know, he’s just a cutie.

-Scott Kazmir

Scott Kazmir Cutie! Isn’t he, Ginny? 

Toronto Blue Jays

-Marco Scutaro

Marco Scutaro Marco bounced around from team to team. Now he has a home. He’s a cutie.

Baltimore Orioles

-Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts CUTIE ALERT! I love this guy!!

-Nick Markakis

Nick Markakis Nick is a cutie and a hottie. And a great ballplayer!

-Luke Scott

Luke Scott Another cutie on the Orioles. This team is chock full of them!

-Lou Montanez

Lou Montanez This little rookie is a hottie!


Those are all the cuties and hotties of the AL East. The other divisions will be coming up soon!


My Trip to Dutchess Stadium

The Renegades Game on Sunday

My Dad’s friend had 4 tickets to Sunday’s Hudson Valley Renegades game that he couldn’t use, so he gave them to us for free. Sunday was really bad weather, though. It was raining all day. The game was scheduled for 5:05. At around 4, the sun came out and it looked like the rest of the rain would hold up. My Mom asked me and my little brother Tommy to decide if we should go, and we wanted to, but we weren’t sure if we would get stuck in the rain. While we were deciding what to do, the lights went out. Another blackout! That was  like the 3rd of the week! Then right away we decided to go, because being out in the rain is better than sitting in a dark house with no power. My older brother and my Dad stayed home with our old Lab, Jesse. He is arthritic and can’t get around by himself, so he needs someone with him all the time.

We got to Dutchess Stadium nice and early. The field was still wet in some parts, and they said the game was postponed until 6. That was annoying. My Mom asked if we should go back, but I didn’t want to sit around in a blackout, so we stayed. 6:00 rolled around, and the field still wasn’t ready. All this time, I just watched the Renegades and the Cyclones warm up. They are all so cute! Everyone on the Single A teams wears high socks on the uniforms, and they all look so cute.

Here’s Dutchess Stadium. It’s a pretty park.

All the trees make a pretty batter’s eye. 

During the delay, there were Renegades signing autographs for free. It was nice; they stayed out there for a good while signing everything. Me and Tommy went over to get the starting pitcher to sign out tickets, but as soon as we went over, he went in the dugout. We didn’t get anything signed.

That’s the Gade’s starting pitcher. Isn’t he cute?

The game finally started, and it was a pitcher’s duel. After the third inning, the announcer came on and said anyone you stayed through the hour and a half rain delay is getting their tickets renewed. That made us so happy. Not one free game, but 2! We are going to try to get tickets for this Sunday’s game.

The Renegade’s pitcher gave up a run first. But the Renegades struck back with 3 runs to take a 3-1 lead! These are the Rays of the future, and they looked pretty good. The Cyclones are the baby Mets, so I was definetely rooting for the Gades, and they are our local team. After the Gades’s big inning, it was getting dark, so we decided to leave. If the game had started on time, it would’ve been over by the time we left. But my Mom has trouble driving in the dark, so we left. The rest of the game was televised on a local channel, so we finished watching it at home. The Renegades wound up losing to the Cyclones, 5-3. Both teams played well.

He had the hit that tied the game at 1. He was the catcher.

This little cutie hit in the go-ahead runs for the Gades.

Single A baseball games are a lot of fun. I have actually seen some of the Gades make it to the majors. One time we went and got a baseball signed by Fernando Perez, and he made it to the bigs as a Ray! Longoria also started out as a Gade. You never know who will be the next superstar.