I'm Virginia Califano, I'm 18, and I don't know what I would do without the New York Yankees. I love them to death, and I have been a fan for as long as I can remember. This obsession, or devotion (I prefer "devotion" since "obsession" seems to have a negative connotation) may be perceived by some as unhealthy, but I think it's okay. I only lose my voice from cheering or screaming at the TV a few times a week. My Yankees devotion is something that distinguishes me from others at my school. And because my friends don't understand this devotion and I can't talk Yankees with them all day, I have pent up Yankees energy that I just cannot contain. So I pour my heart out in to this blog.
Aside from the Yankees, my greatest hobby is the piano, which I have been playing since I was an itty-bitty six year old who had to sit on a phonebook at my first piano recital because I was too small to reach. Green Day is my favorite band, and I enjoy playing their songs on piano. (Check out my covers at And I adore Billie Joe Armstrong.
I also love dogs and have a lab pup of my own - his name's Buck. I hate people who hate animals, so if I ever meet Michael Vick in a dark alley, he probably would not come out.
I am very close with my family. My parents are amazing. I am the middle child between two brothers, who have their moments, but overall we love each other (aww).
So yeah! That's about it. Any questions/comments, feel free to ask!